Can't Communicate
  • [b]Ever since my computer burned up and went away on a long holiday at the computer repair center I've been using various computers I've come across to log in to this here site. At the moment I am using a computer at school, a somewhat funktioable pice of machinery but with one flaw. I can't seem to get the PM sections of my controls to work proparly on this work station.

    So anybody reading this that has sent me anything that I can't read (Gabe for ex.) or any one that might be missing my usual personal spam, I'm sorry. The problem is really out of my hands until I get my own puter back. Me/You can't really send any e-mail either since my adressbook was cleverly enough stored on the computer, wich is now not functioning.

    So until then I figure I'd best send encrypted messages in regular posts.

    SB: 12047 370127 320712 10297 b120 12071723610 307 34097123 4 107 167132467 092 10273816 12061239060 02673017234 1012937103
    snot rules - Manneman

    GN: 02752 35 3256705 1507501297 54 120354701275 1277230 201784 34266 0297501 25192730 129750 7201571205 126401264 2097 0237507 2 01101011101111011101010101110101001000001010
    - Hevonen on h