Casltevania SOTN
  • I want to know if someone knows how to get into this room. First, in the clockroom where the statues are that move the one on the left move and you can go up to a knew area well the one on the right dosnt move but I know you can get up there somehow. How do you get there???
  • One of the statues in the clock area opens every minute or so.The other statue will only open when you have the timefreeze watch as a special weapon.You'll also need the antigravity boots and the doublejump ability to be able to make it in there.
  • Ok now what I wish to know is where to find those. I have the doulbe jump but anti gravity and time watch I dont have. Where do you get them?
  • You'll find the boots in the Marble Gallery at the big clock.Transform into the bat and fly up the middle shaft-they'll be in the room to the right.As for the stop watch you can sometimes find this special weapon in the candles in the lower area of Marble gallery.