• wwwhhhooooo wwhhooooo!!!!!!!! My sister is pregnant (i think that is the way it writes it when a women is having a baby on her body) i
  • Congratulations ! I hope your sister will let you spend time whith the new arrival when it is born. Family is an important thing. :peace:
  • Don't worry Gamer, you spelled pregnant right.

    Tell your sister and the significant other congratulations and I hope your sister is just as joyful, if not more joyful about this as you. Babies are a gift.
  • weel hhuummm my sister dont know about this announce and if she does she will kill me!!!! but i had to tell you guys


    Wow, an uncle already!!! That's very cool!!! I'm very happy for you and your family, there is nothing better than new life!!! You'll be ready for all the babysitting duties when the new little one arrives, right? ;)

    Oh, and we won't tell your sister that you've let us all know, your secret is safe with us!! :D
  • Hehe... My sister had a baby when I was five... I still remember the look on my friends face when I told them I was an uncle at that age. Then my other sister had a baby when I was seven.. And the first sister had another when I was nine. And the other sister had yet another baby when I was 13. Hehe.

    ...Anyways. Congradulations to your sister and yourself! :clap: