Here We Go Again

  • As the title says, here we go again. Two teens in Tennessee have been charged with highway shootings, which killed at least one person, and they said that they got the idea from Grand Theft Auto, which they often played and love. Just swell!!!! They, of course, confessed completely, but now the family members of the dead man are going after TAKE2Interactive. To quote part of what I've read:
    "We want to send a message with a huge verdict to Sony and TAKE2interactive and the entire video game industry that if they're going to continue to market adult-rated games to children with these horrific consequence, then we're going to take their blood money from them and send a message to their boards that they have to stop this practice or there will be other suits on behalf of other people, killed by these games," Thompson said. [/b]

    While this article goes on and on verbally pointing at GTA, they do make one very breif statement that...

    "The Entertainment Software Association, which represents the video game industry, pointed to research showing that youth crime has gone down even as video games have proliferated. The games are rated for violence, and ultimately, parents make the decisions about what games they bring into their homes, the association said in a statement.

    "Parents are present at and involved in the purchase or rental of games 83 percent of the time, according to a September 2000 Federal Trade Commission report," the association said."

    Nowhere does it mention the two boys' parents, what they have to say about all this, what their input is, if they even have any input. Perhaps they don't, perhaps that's why these kids ended up in the predicament they're in now!?!?
    And what about the person/s who sold this 'Adult' game to these minors!? Are they not being looked at to find out why they sold an 'Adult' game to minors?? Isn't it all about how products are being handled, and not the manufacture of them!?!? For crying out loud, does that mean that I can sue Chevrolet because they manufactured a truck that ended up running into me a year and a half ago!?!? Damn, I've got my lawyer going after the wrong guy!!!!!!! I could make some big bucks if I knew how to play this stupid game!!!!! :angry:

    What have you all heard about this? And, what are you thoughts?? (as though we've not gone over this subject before)

    Pretty sad, eh?
  • All I can say is

    games don't make murderers
    Guns don't kill people, People kill people.

    Stupid kids should know the difference between real life and games!
  • I personally think its ridiculous that they are suing the game company, and if they get they many, thats even worse. Of course, I feel sorry for them, but going after the game company won't do a thing.

    Yeah, your right Spike, kids should know the difference between real life and games, unfortunately they mustn't have. Or else, I can't see why they'd do it...for fun?

    I hate when this happens, just gives the people against games fodder for their arsenal (thats not quite right, but I can't remember the right one).
  • Heres another persons opinion


    One thing that has bothered me about contemporary news media and the government, is their frivalous portrayal of the Entertainment and Video Game industry as the source of all evil and violent crimes commited by children and teenagers. Little regard is taken in analyzing the parental factor where it is easier to pin a stigma on something that can be found as a suitable scapegoat. Those unwilling to accept the fact that poor parenting is to blame point the finger in the direction of Video Games as a causal factor in the rising teen violence rate. Games like DOOM, Quake, Metal Gear Solid, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Carmageddon and Resident Evil are brandished with the label of being instigators of violent behavior by old, fattened, and grey-haired politicians that don't know the difference between a Nintendo and VCR and call the Video Games, "tapes." All the fuss over "those bad tapes" brought about the creation of the Electronic Software Ratings Board, another group of stogey individuals bent on ridding the world of all forms of evil by placing a rating mark on game packages. Did it work? No. Does anybody who plays the games care about the ratings? No.

    Recently this issue has come frothing back to the surface with the Massecre in Colorado at Columbine High School and similar incidents aftershocking around the country. Indeed, this was a tradgic occurance, many died, and many people's lives were deeply affected. In the aftermath of such a horrific incident we are left with many questions regarding what would cause such a terrible event felt nationwide by parents of children and teenages. Parents unwilling to place fault on their own child development skills place the blame on Video Games, Music, and Movies when in reality it is by their own doing, or lack of doing thereof, that their sons or daughers commit such haneous crimes.

    As an avid player of Video Games myself I can attest to the farce of the alleged violent influence of Video Games. Never once after playing DOOM did I want to go out and blast someone with a shotgun. Absolutely never once after playing Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or Killer Instinct did I feel like ripping someone's heart out of their chest or tearing their head from their shoulders. Never once after playing Silent Hill did I desire to hack a real human-being to death with a Fire-Axe. Why? Because I'm normal, and have the cognative ability and common sense to know those things are not real and are totally wrong to do in the real world. Anybody knows this, ask any gamer ranging from about age 10 on about it and he or she will say the same thing, it's all JUST A GAME! This whole business about Video Games making kids and teenagers do violent crimes is just plain ludicrious. Most Teenagers want to hang out with friends, listen to their music, drive their cars, play video games, and meet girls (or guys), not blow-up their school and kill their classmates. We young people play Video Games because their fun, and take away that incessant boredom that creeps in when reality proves less than interesting.

    Kids should never be killing other kids. It is truly sad to see that in our world today, such things happen. Childhood is time for growth, learning, and most importantly FUN, not killing, violence, and death. If ever there was a generation that is faced with such challenges it is ours. Parents seem less and less commited toward working psycological problems and emotional issues out with their children and being there in times of need. Teenages sometimes seem too blinded by the persuit of social prowess to see that they are actually hurting themselves or others by joining gangs and using addictive and harmful drugs as a replacement for lost feelings of appreciation and understanding. People who think about hurting or killing other people or themselves are just plain sick and need guidence and help to alleviate such a feeling of malcontent. Often such dire conditions result from lonliness, depression, self-doubt, fear, frustration, and low self-esteem. These can only be remedied with support and a person's own desire to get well again.

    All in all, it is up to you to make a decision regarding right and wrong based upon your own beliefs, convictions, upbringing, common sense, and intuitive analyzation of the circumstances at hand. Every day, children and teenagers are faced with violence in one form or another, on the News, in history, in movies, from peers, in music, and video games, but what each and every one of us does is make a value determination of those transpiring events based upon our own mental faculties. You have a brain, USE IT! We all make mistakes (like making fun of the fat kid, or putting a "kick me" sign on the bus driver's back), but from mistakes and shortcomings we learn and gain a better understanding of how to make a better choice. It is your job to make the most beneficial choice in behavior for the betterment of yourself and perhaps others and influence your friends to follow suit. It is your job to seek out help or distractions when feeling isolated and lonely. Video Gamer X's best psycological advice for lonliness is, in fact, Video Games. Rather than a harbinger of evil they can be in actuality theraputic in terms of easing tension and taking thoughts away from emotionally troubling situations at hand. Often times it's violent Video Games that have made me feel more at ease when something was bothering me, much to the contrary of the ESRB.

    I don't want you to come off this article thinking Video Gamer X is taking all the fun out of life by telling me to talk to someone when I feel bad and not to take risks, but rather I want the impression to be gained that I'm giving some sound advice that in the long run will make life smoother when dealing with your peers, adults, and situations that can arise. Many will scoff at this page, but perhaps some will come away from it with a way out from that road to self destruction and violent behavior that results, not from Video Games, mind you, but a detatched sense of belonging or unfulfilled sense of accomplishment propagated by apathetic parents. And maybe adults will stop putting blame where it does not belong. As a matter of fact I would like your viewpoint on this very controversial issue.

    This wastaken from

    go there and post your thoughts like other people have
  • spike, i agree!its their problem and the parents should NOT blame GTA.

    here are the kids:

    :shy: :shy:
  • HA! It was stealing cars and shooting (at) people that prepared me for playing video games. It was only after I gave up crime that I had any time to play. :woot:

    Those reptilian bastards who thrive off the living by working the law are simply using a variation of the "twinkie defense." It didn't work against Lita Ford and Ozzy Oz(z?)bourne or Judas Priest (:punk:), and it won't work now. In fact, the work of the Tipper Gore and her book-burners (the P.M.R.C.) will help to shield the game developer and manufacturer, as they had to have an "adult content or extreme violence" sticker on the games.

    Stupid people shouldn't play video games anyway, they always miss the point.

    I'm just glad that the injured parties are seeking damages against the gaming folks, and not blaming any of those responsible for putting guns in the hands of the morons in question. After all, it is Tennessee...... :shy:
  • once again i think it's a case of parents who refuse to accept their own responsibility (and faults) as parents

    it's much easier to point fingers and blame someone else for the fact that your own kids weren't raised right

    even though the kids themselves apparantly blamed GTA for their actions, i do not believe for one second that the game is "responsible" for the kids not knowing right from wrong. there's only one responsible agency for that failing, and that's the parents
  • Okay, once more this is talked about (not to mention a teenager that tried to be Squall and ended up killing his parents and his sister) Game companies aren't the ones that should be guilty The only reason why this happens is because the ones who play these games get their imagination too high and try to be like them... Games are entertainment, they're not war making tools. That's all fake. One think i didn't mind to see is how they get motivated to do these things, how do they get like it..?
  • Remember the good old days when they used to blame everything on Rock n Roll / Heavy Metal music? :punk:

    I wonder if they would be going after GTA if it wasn't such a big $$$$ making title?! Maybe they could sue Ray Liotta too! (I hope their lawyers don't read this, I don't want to give them any ideas?!) :unsure: I'll bet they are foaming at the mouth! :drool:

    I feel bad for the victim, don't get me wrong, but somebody is going to pay for this and I guess they are going after the deepest pockets.
  • I played GTA and I dont freaking go kill people. I am under the age of which it is rated, but I know the difference between real life and gaming.

    They have No right to sue the gaming company.(Rockstar or Sony) Its not there fault some clerk sold some kids an "R" rated game. They make the game simply for adults to play. But of course kids will get their hands on them. And if the parents bought them the game, its there fault.

    Cant wait until Manhunt comes out, there will be gangs coming after everyone with plastic bags and sawed off shot-guns. The kids must have had problems of some kind. Maybe they had no friends or something. But still, Highway shootings? They should rot in hell know better by there age. Thats all I have to say....pretty much.

    Back when I was a dumbass "spammer, I don't think I had a post with over 100 words. But after I got banned//unbanned. I learned my lesson. But as I said before, this was the first forums I was ever on, and I didn't know anything. Thanks all you mods for putting up with me!
  • Ahahahah i just love seeing what stupid people do in their freetime dont you? People wanna censore stuff. It gives people a false sense of security, it truly does. 5 months ago my english teacher told the class to choose any topic they want to right a HUGE report on. I chose censorship and man was i shocked at what i found after one month of research!!!

    Some one tell me if they wish for me to go on....
  • I wasn't censoring out anything, I was simply striking it out for a comical behalf. And there are younger people on this site, so if you want to say the "f" word, you should put something like F*** .

    So, I was just getting things straightened out. Meh, its not that important anyway. But anywho, this thread has nothing to do with censorship. There is already a post about it in the gaming section, Go post your oppinion there Outcast.

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