PS2 Is Now Broken, I Am P*ssed Off
  • This morning went from bad to worse.
    Woke to find James Michael and John in my bedroom, playing on my PS2. Making alot of noise, jumping on my head and generally p*ssing me off :pump: ! Then Michael goes to leave the room and then there is aloud bang, as he rushes past, catching his foot on the controller cable, and bringing the PS2 to the floor. I assume nothing is broken and go back to sleep. Then when I awake again 45 mins later. I pick my PS2 and try it. It is broke and the disc tray will not eject. From what I can tell my Eyetoy - Play disc is stuck in it. I tried forcing it out, but all I have done is snapped the front part of the disc tray off. I am without my PS2 and I cried for an hour or so. Nearly
  • Havin a brother and sister, I know what you mean. And implus they take over all there queer friends and start playing my sony. I have had a lot of accidents. *Clears throut*(Some I may have done)

    1. Around 5 controllers broken for NES. Mosty from chewing on cords.

    2. Around 4 controllers broken for SNES. 1 from old age, 2 from chewing, and 1 from tripping over too many times. It ripped the cord out of the controller.

    3. 2 N64 controllers ruined. One from falling on the ground too much, and the other was just a piece of crappy!

    4. 2 PS controllers ruined. 1 from natural wear. 1 from falling from high hights many times.

    5. 1 gameboy ruined from oldness.

    6. 3 PS memory cards ruined. 2 just stopped working, and the other got put into the sony upside down. Someone mut have hammered it in, it was a b!tch to get out. Not to mension the hours of saved data on them.

    7. 1 Sega Jenisis controller broken from being stepped on, and from the victim of a "catch" game. (Sega was borrowed from friend)

    8. Countless games damaged or broken for NES. Yes, I mean countless.

    9. Around 5 games broken or damaged for SNES.

    10. 1 game missing for N64, 1 just wont work.

    11. 1 PS2 controller ruined from the cord almost coming out from controller.(Just happened 2 days ago, going to try and fix it)

    12. Heres my best record ever. Only 4 Playstation games ruined, cracked, damaged so much you cant use it or snapped in 12 pieces. :rolleyes:

    13. 1 N64 an inch away from death.

    14. 1 Sony Playstation, a MM away from death.

    15. 3 NES's that died a long time ago.

    16. 1 broken down SNES.

    17. 2 Broken gameboy games. (includes color)

    18. 1 broken rented game.

    19. Every game case, stepped on many times.

    20. Around 2 broken games for PC.

    There is more if you can actually belive it. But, there was a lot of problems over the years.

    Oh, one more. One NES controller thrown outside in the snow due to a bad tangle.(dad)

    That is it!
  • wow and i thought i had it bad!

    The internet is going to be hard for awhile as I have broken my thrist and it is in a cast which make typing very hard!! :rebel:
  • That sucks man! I voted for "Speaking in tongues doesn't help anyone" because I thought it was funny.

    But really my vote is in between yes and no. When Im mad yes and no regularly. My brother has never beefed up my PS2 or PS when I had one. But he has screwed up my $500 bass guitar. Yeah I was mad, real mad. He also regularly sends my computer in to horrible sprials of crashes. But after I calm down its not so bad.

    What I do is I make him pay for shares of my stuff he wants to use. It saves me money but I still control the thing, whatever it maybe. For my PS2(which I got a few months ago) cost $550(Canadian). I told him if he wants to use it he has to pay me. He gave me $100 so that cut costs for me and he can use it. It kind of a down payment for when he screws it up, cause I know he will. Then I make him pay for repairs if he does break it.

    Wow, Im tired and this post seems like it is going nowhere so I am going to end now.
  • I once thought i would end up in prision as a minor when i wanted so badly to kill my little sister. I was minding my own business playing MY gameboy when my little sister asked for it. I said no, i am currently playing it. She went and did this boo-hoo S**t to my father who made me give her the gameboy. She then through it down a flight of stairs. What was going on in my head when i saw that.... Murder!!! :bash:
  • I did the same thing with my GameGear, I was playing it on my bed with the adaptor plugged behind the door. The door opened and ripped the game gear out of my hands. It never worked again, and nether did my brother.