• Hey can anyone help me with this game - my friend and I both have different copies of Harvest Moon, and both our games have stuffed up right after you get married.
  • According to Natsume there are a few known bugs with HM. The game tends to freeze when it gets hot(this happens after about 2 hours of game play), and it seems there is no solution to this bug. The other is the freeze-up that occurs when too many things are moving on screen at one time.

    Although I have HM myself, and have had NO problems with freeze-ups
  • I've got both NTSC and PAL versions of back to nature, I noticed a lot of freezing up with the ntsc version.
  • The game may slow down, lag, or shut down sometimes while you are in the cow/chicken/sheep pen.

    This is because your pen is completely closed. Pull up at least one piece of wood to stop this.
  • well the same kinda thing happened to me.....i was just happily walking to my food bin when i jumped a piece grass straight into my food bin.......eventually after going throung different areas and through the ground...the little man landed back on the ground.

    So i suggest you just wait and it will recover itself