The Legend Of Dragoons
  • Hey,
    I was wondering if anybody knows the legend of dragoons and if you have finished it or at least know where to go from here.
    I am in the second of the three forgotten wingly cities, the law city.
    And i have been to all three places that you can go to, within the city, but in each one it tells me to go to another one and when i do that it just keeps telling me that.
    So i keep walking in circles.
    I would be overjoyed and would really appreciate it , if anybody could help me out.
    If you have played it but have no clue what the heck i am talking about, write me back and i`ll try to explain it better.
    Thanks already
  • it's easy
    You need to go to the legislation center and mkeline like all the robots, when the bot before you pass to the center be sure to stay behind the red line, in your turn pass to the center and say that is a revision of the law and put the number of the article that you want to be changed, they'll give you a order for the law factory, go there and deliver it, there they'll give you another orther for the law lawncher, deliver it too, and that's al

    so stop :doh: and do it

    here is a little advise:

    When you figth the boss kill first the woman angel because she'll be healing and reviving the other two.
    And be carefull with your angel's prayer because when you defeat the black angel he will kill one of your warriors

    If you have any doubts writte me
  • When you go to the legenslation center (what ever its called)then DO NOT STEP pass the blue line(or red) then go up to them when its your turn and put in code 703 to get to the signet spher then if you dont wana get caught any more then go back and pot in code 659(this will help you a lot)then when you get code 703 in go to law factory then to law launcher to get the law passed and do the same for the other one then your free to go to the singnet sphere.
    before you get their take the on on your left then the women then the middle one after you beat them you will see the sphere but it is broken the you go back to the legenslation ceantr to do a nother law(the wingly thats at the singnet sphere at he begining will tull you the code. :rules: