• Paintball is awesome. For those of you who dont know what it is, you have a gun that shoots paintballs and you try to shoot the other people. Its like war and killing people except they dont die....very exhilirating. Those who know of or play it what kind of gun do you have and do you prefer to play on a field or in the woods?
  • I have an autococker and I prefer to play on a field. I used to play in the woods a lot, but after playing on fields I started liking it much better.
  • I play alot of woodball. I have a Spyder Compact with a dye ultralite barrel (soon to be a Custom Sniper). I'm pretty serious about sniping and I hit alot of my targets before being spotted. Once I get the money I'm ghillieing up my gun and mask. Since I won't pay alot of money to go play in fields, me and my friends play in the woods, don't tell the forest preserve though, we play in an unmarked forest area and clean up the splatter we find.

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!