Hurricane Isabel

  • Hello all! I'm sure that most of us in the U.S. have heard about the newest hurricane that's hitting the East coast as we speak... to be more specific, my front yard!!

    Yeah, I'm in the path of this lovely weather, and we're getting rained on and blown around pretty good at the moment. I was just wondering if anyone else here is in the path of this wicked lady, (Madhtr, I know you are!!), and what you're doing to be prepared.
    I personally just got home from work about 1/2 hour ago, and we're just gonna be prepared to go without power, other than that, we're not panicking like most people are. No boarding up the windows or taping the windows, I figure that two layers of blinds (minis and verticals) should keep any flying glass from going too far! As for batteries and food, well, we've got plenty already, so why go buy more!? It's not like we're gonna be unable to go anywhere for weeks on end!! Just about 24 hours should do it. Some people just go overboard, it's silly. 75 mile per hour wind gusts shouldn't make you have to go out and buy 5 loaves of bread and 100 batteries!?!?

    Anyway, (enough ranting), what about you guys? :peace:
  • Yup, I am there. Thank goodness I am inland in NC and not at the coast. I am in the outside edge of the storm so it isnt so bad. My aunt lives right in the middle of it. She says its very scary cause the wind is blowing so hard.
  • Not in the path, but at least you guys get warnings of such disasters. Our earthquakes come without warning.

    Anyway, I'm praying for you all.
  • Yeah...I'm in her path too! And we get school off!! :disco: PARTY!! We went to the store to get milk today and there werent as many people as I thought would be there. But the people that were there were buying a lot of food. Hopefully most of her wrath has died and we wont get blown to pieces!
  • Well, the only reason i'm online is because my mom's house is one of the few places around here still with power.

    Flashback to Thursday - Sept. 18

    I had to work today so i was in at my usual 9am shift. It was fine until about 1ish when we decided that we needed to close at 4. We then noticed that the warehouse was taking on water so we had to move everything that was on the floor up onto dry ground.

    Finally i got home around 4:30 right in the middle of the storm. There were already 3 trees down and 2 were ones that sat about 6 feet from my room which is located over the garage of my house......And that was only the forshadowing of to come.

    Flashback to Friday - Sept. 19

    Overall we lost approxiamately 25 trees. Not one of the trees touched our house though one of them did slice through the middle of our shed but that was better than the house. We had 4 trees in the front yard, 2 across the driveway, 1 fell across the street, 1 fell on the other side of our pond, 1 fell into our yard(really really big one), and about 15 trees fell on the side of our house(1 right through the shed, right on top of the chainsaw......).

    The Present Saturday - Sept. 20

    We've been out doing a few errands today since there's no power.......may as well be in stores that have AC. We know why we don't have power, nor does most of Chesterfield, VA. Power lines down everywhere and trees blocking main roads are what we're greeted with out there. It's been over 2 days since losing power at my house and it's going to be about that long before we get power back.

    Circuit City, where i work for those of you that don't know, has been closed since 4PM on Thursday due to not having any power. I was scheduled off today and tomorrow anyway so i'm enjoying my nice long weekend but right now it looks like i may have more time off if there's no power available at work soon.

    So for all of those who were wondering, mad is long as he's at his mom's at least as i have no power still but i am safe and have only God to thank for that. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • I'm baaaaaaack!!!!!!
    Wow, what fun it's been!! Went to work Thursday morning, windy but ok. Worked the morning through, weather was getting worse and worse. Left work about 1:00 or so, it was raining pretty good, not too hard, but the wind was killer!!!!!
    Made it home ok, just before 1:30, in time to see Hubby pull up into the driveway right behind me. We all enjoyed the afternoon, but that evening the power went out. OK, so we played cards by candle-light, so it was pretty fun! That night, we slept in the living room (son slept in his room, 'cause it's situated in a 'safe' place not near any trees) That wind was soooooo scary!!!!!! Kept hearing stuff hitting the house, flying around like mad, but never did hear any tell-tale 'CRASH'. I didn't sleep worth a hoot that night!!!!! Woke Friday morning, and all was calm. Tried to call work, nothing at the recieving end. Tried all the numbers, and the phones were dead. After a couple more phone calls to co-workers' houses, finally got through to someone, and was told to stay home and enjoy the weekend.
    Okey dokey!! Later, went to do the normal week's worth of grocery shopping. I can tell ya, the store was nearly BARE..... of customers, that is. Stock was plentiful, it's just that all the customers were there before the storm, so I had the store pretty much to myself. Well, let me just tell ya, there are trees down everywhere, but NONE on my own property. That is a total miracle!!!!!!! We've got oodles of old and very tall trees round our place, many of them pines with shallow root bases, but they all stood!!! The house across the street from us have two trees down, right in their front yard, a Weeping Willow and another one, both fell to the side, missing their house, but both landing on their car!! :cry:
    Next door to them, one tall tree landed on their house, but didn't go through the attic, just resting on top. They weren't home at the time. As I got home, I saw them just arriving to find that tree, and they were in shock!! I can only imagine... sort of.

    The only road to get out of my neighborhood was blocked earlier by fallen trees, but Hubby, who had tried to go to work earlier that morning, had stopped and helped the officer cut them up and get them out of the way. Trees down all over the place!!

    So, let's see,... finally got electricity restored last night, nearly 10:00.
    Even though we live right in a river-front community, thank GOD we had no flooding problems!!!

    Now it is just a matter of getting the last of the brances and leaves raked up and picked up, and for us at least, it's nearly as though nothing ever happened.... except for having all those extention cords to roll up and put away!! :blink: I hate those things!!!!!

    Anyway, Mad and rollerz, glad you two are ok!!!!! Was worried about you guys!!!!!! I wonder if you'll be back to school tomorrow rollerz?? Electricity restored yet?
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Sep 21 2003, 09:10 AM
    [b] I wonder if you'll be back to school tomorrow rollerz??