Exec Member Update 1
  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is the first of your insider news bulletins.

    We are looking to send out an email to all of the old members this weekend and so will be arranging a special open Live Chat event on Sunday.

    I would very much like some help from all exec members to get the PLAYSTATION NEWS section up and running. Can you spend a little time looking around on the internet for interesting gaming stories and post them into the news area. The only thing we need to be careful of here is that is you just copy and paste someone else's news story word-for-word, they will get very annoyed. The simple way around this is to include the name of the web site where you got the news at the end of the story. Please don't put their full website address, just the actual name of the site is fine.

    I would like to invite all members to come up with a character that could be incorporated into the logo for the whole of Absolute PlayStation - both the main website and the Community area.

    Just like SEGA has Sonic, I would like an original character that best describes what you think this community area stands for - what is was that brought yo back to the website after a couple of years.

    Even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, lets hear your ideas !

    We will run this as a competition on both the main web site and the community area, but you guys heard it first here.

    I love the idea of allowing members to create their own dedicated mini web sites based on any games they are really into. We still get over 5 thousand people looking at the main web site EVERY DAY, so why not show these people what you are made of... more news on this soon, but I welcome your comments on this idea.

    Best wishes to you all


    The following email has now gone out to 15 thousand members:

    Absolute Playstation is 11 years old and to celebrate we are updating the whole web site to give you the best possible coverage of the Sony Playstation in all its formats: PSone, PlayStation2, PlayStation3 and PSP.

    The first area to be upgraded and reopened is our community area; a safe place where gamers (and non gamers) can come together to share common interests.

    You used to be a member of this area and your member name was AGENT_X and you joined on 2-September 02, we have kept your membership account live and invite you to revisit us again at:


    You will be welcomed with:

    A friendly community

    No annoying adverts

    No membership fee

    Arcade Games area

    A heavily moderated service that is safe for both young and old, experienced and novice alike

    Many of the discussions are not even game related, so if you haven