please help me..
  • Yes, blocking is neutral or back, however if you are standing and blocking when your opponent hits you with a low kick, you will take full damage. I think if they do a jump attack while you are crouching and blocking, you will also take full damage.
    As for getting hit on the ground, don't stay there! Press square or circle or X while your down, or tap triangle as your going down to get up faster.

    Hope this helps
  • The absolute(no advertisement) best way to block is a crouch block. Not only ducking high attcks but blocking sweep kicks.
  • Raziel, the reason why you're probably a little confused over the blocking is because of the aforementioned different heights of blocks - low and upper.

    You see, a lot of your opponents multiple attacks (especially when fighting the women) will switch between hitting high and low (so as to get around your defence). If you leave your fighter in neutral, or press in the opposite direction - he / she will only block those techniques aimed at your upper body (so somebody coming in with a punch to the face and a low sweep will hit you with the sweep). I'm afraid the only way around this problem is to 'learn' the various combination moves of all the fighters - that way when somebody starts to attack you will be able to anticipate whether the next movement is going to attack high or low and you can alter your block accordingly

    You'll probably find this very difficult at first (especially the actual timing of the blocks), but as you play the game more, you'll start to get better.

    As for getting hit on the floor - it depends what you have been hit with, how close your opponent is and how fast their fighter is. Unfortunately its often quite easy to get a little 'cheap shot' low kick in when somebody is on the ground - most of the time you're just going to have to put up with it - the secret is to move as soon as you can (don't just lie there - you're just asking for a kicking!)

    When you're first getting to grips with the game things can be quite tricky and you'll get your a** kicked quite a bit. Just keep practising and you'll be laying down some 10 hit combo's no problem and whupping the computer on hard all the time!

    Its very worthwhile spending time in the practice mode learning the various characters moves. You see, as you learn how to fight with each of the characters, you'll also be learning how to defend against them - if you know their moves - you'll know how to defend against them. Try fighting with all techniques in the practice mode (put the comp up to a decent level of skill) there is no energy bars, so you can just keep fighting and practicing without interuption.

    Hope this is of some help

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  • Ive been playing this game often lately and i found the best way to block is the way that Gideon explained it :grin1: