Alone in the dark: the new nightmare
  • I don't know where to go. So far I met the old man who is the guardian of the shadow island and said to me to go to the library. I been there and only found a stutue or something and a picture.

    I've been loitering around and accidentaly found the grenade launcher in the attic (it still looks like a revolver to me
  • Hey Squall, Im going to need for information. Like Chapter or Stage, something that identifies the level so that I can find you the appropriate advice.
  • Nonononono..........
  • First off turn on the lights and use your other Large Ornate Key to unlock the second set of double doors.Walk foward to the desk and search it-you should find Jeremy's Diary.When you read it you'll have a bit more of an idea on the creation of the creatures.

    After you're done there search the podium to the right to find the Morton Family Biography.This thing is 49 pages long-but the page you want is the last one with the family tree.Mark down the dates of the Morton family members on the left-you'll need those later on.

    Now head up to the second floor of the library.You'll find some rockets at the top of the first set of stairs.Head down the walkway until you see a panel on the railing just before the stairs to the third floor.Check the Reassembled Photograph and rotate it so you will see the back.You will find a simple math problem to solve-use the sum of that math problem on the panel to open a secret door-head through it.

    That should get you on your way Squall! :wave:
  • Wow! starting to like this game