Battle Guide
  • Fist off, let me say that I have not spend a huge amount of time getting to know this application, so if anyone wants to spend some time with this, then please report back here with your findings.

    The guide below is ripped from another website, so may not be perfect for us, but it should make it easier for you to uderstand.

    lvl 1-9

    you may only attack 4 people every 3 hours

    lvl 10-19

    5 attack every 2 hours 50 minutes

    lvl 20-29

    6 attacks every 2 hours 40 minutes

    lvl 30-39

    7 attacks every 2 hours 30 minutes

    every 10 lvls you gain you gain 1 more attack and your expire time goes down to 10 minutes

    the lowest expire time is 1 hour so once you get there you gain no more benefit

    You start out with 4 attacks, you gain more as you go up in levels. Click the "attack user" link in threads or profile to make an attack.

    When you attack, you use STR. The weapons you have available are determined by your current STR and the damage you do to your opponent is determined by the weapon you use and your level. (stronger users will take less damage)

    Whenever you attack, or are attacked, you earn EXP. When you've got enough, you go up a level (you can only level-up when *you* attack. You cannot level up when attacked by someone else) Going up a level increases all your stats.

    Attacks will "expire" after a certain amount of time. View your profile, at the bottom it gives attack system information. When an attack expires, you'll regain any STR and HP you lost during that attack. If you've been dead, you'll "respawn" when you regain some HP from an expired attack.

    GIL is earned by posting. Gil is used in the ATK shop to purchase potions. Potions can be used to recharge your stats before attacks expire. Potions also can currently be used when you are dead.

    (Eventually, it will be changed so that you can only use potions while alive. Pheonix Downs will also have to be used by someone else on you to revive you once they are functioning in the system.)

    Try to find users who are of a similar level to you... a range of about five above or below your current level... and attack them to have the best chance of doing good damage and earning good experience. Once you've attained a few levels, you may earn better EXP by attacking members a few more levels lower than you (5-10)


    The battlemod is a mod where people can attack eachother with different types of weapons. As soon as your EXP gets to 100% you will level up and your HP and Strength both will increased with a number between 1-10. It is possible for a level 2 member to have the same stats as a level 3 member. You can attack every1 that is alive on the forum, no exceptions.

    You can attack 4 times + 1 more per every 10 levels*.
    Your waitingtime is 3 hours after your attack. This will be reduced with 10 minutes every 10 levels*.

    Example: A level 47 can attack 4 + 4: 8 times and has to wait 3hours - (10minutes x 4): 2 hours and 20 minutes before he can attack again.

    Now for the specific parts of this mod:

    You can attack an user by pressing the AttackLink in their profile. As soon as you attack you will be able to pick a weapon(different strength usage) and attack him with it. You attack can do 3 things:

    1: Misses your opponent - If you miss your attack you will do 0 damage and gain 1 EXP. He will retaliate with a random attack that could harm you.
    2: Reduces your opponents HP - Depending on the weapon you have used you take away an X amount of your opponents HP. However since your opponent is not dead yet he can retaliate with a random attack that could harm you.
    3: Kills your opponent - If you kill your opponent you will gain 1 frag. Depending on your opponent you can steal frags from him. I think this is done by the previous attacks your opponent has done(howmany kills on a row he has made)*. Im not sure about this though.

    *example: if I kill 3 people and Punker kills me then he will gain 1 Frag + steal my 3 frags(the 3 in a row I made)

    The higher in level you get the more weapons you can use.

    HP/Strength potion: Restores part of your HP or Strength. There are several levels of potions that restore different amounts of HP or Strength. Does not work when you are dead.
    Life potion: Restores part of your HP and Strength. There are several levels of potions that restore different amounts of HP and Strength. Does not work when you are dead.
    Pheonix Down: Revives an user when he is dead with 5 HP/5 Strength. Can ONLY be used on ANOTHER MEMBER through the sidebar(or in his profile) when you are ALIVE. It wont work in any other combination.

    There are different types of weapons. When your Strength goes up to an X amount you can gain more weapons.

    I will explain 1 type of weapon(the same goes for all other weapons):

    Holy Hand Grenade
    Minimum Str Used: 15
    Maximum Str Used: 20

    The Holy Hand Grenade has a minimum Strength usage of 15. As soon as you have 15 Strength you are able to see and use this weapon. The Maximum Strength Used shows howmuch strength this weapon can use. If you are a higher level player and your strength stats are 14/75 you will NOT see this item. You have to regain your strength with a potion in order to see the more powerfull weapons.

    Gil is the same as our Gold. You can gain Gil for each post/thread you make. With this Gil you can purchase potions to restore yourself. If you have saved up enough Gil you can buy a Guildhouse(will be explained later).

    * The last couple days I havent stopped people from spamming(even our staff has mass spammed) but from now on whenever I see you mass spam for Gil I will take action by reducing your stats(without consulting you but with pm'ing you).

    In the Atkshop you can buy your potions and see your inventory. You can also donate Gil trough this link here. If you want to transfer an item you can also do it in the Atkshop. Furthermore you can see the Richest Users and your own stats.

    Leveling tips
    These tips are coherent.

    * Tip 1: Always try to attack the highest possible rank. This way you will gain more EXP and you will level faster.
    * Tip 2: Make sure you can attack with the best possible weapon you have. This can change if you get to a higher level but with a lower level(level 1-15 atleast) u have to have max strength and the best weapon.
    * Tip 3: If you attack try to make sure your opponent has full HP. Attacking a level 30 with 1 hp will get you little EXP.
    * Tip 4: If you want to attack a person with high level but find out he has got little HP you can donate stats to him(try to make sure u do it on a 1hit KO). As soon as you gave your stats and refilled his HP you can kill him. This way you will gain more EXP with 1 attack.
    * Tip 5: If your attack expires you will regain your HP/Strength used. You can use this to attack again.
    * Tip 6: If you space out your attacks with a couple minutes you can attack the next round and loose stats and a couple minutes later attack again(without reviving yourself or restoring it with HP). This way you can be selfsufficient and u can save up more Gil smile.gif.
    * Tip 7: Dont commit suicide. This will get u no EXP.
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    sorry to sound so negative but all this attacking and clanning seems to be turning this "message board" into a turf war zone ?

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    Aslong as everybody realises it is only a bit of fun, which I'm sure everybody does and that it is nothing personal it's not going to be a problem. For instance - on the battlefield I detest that ******* manneman, but around the forums he's a thoroughly good bloke.

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