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    Hi All, just asking if any 1 has any good PSP Cheats that can be posted, i can find sum, but for games like King Kong i can't seem 2 find any....... All help and Posts welcome.......
  • Only thing I could find is a bit of an "easter egg" for an alternate ending level, which can be acheived by scoring 250,000 points by replaying levels- it will become selectable in the list when you get it. No idea how accurate this is.
  • Howls to all,
    Just wondering if anyone has any or if there is any cheats for Sims castaway (big simer here) or for prince of persia.
    Only have had my PSP for a little over a week now. It is a long way from Pong... LOL ;-)
    Off to see what else this little hand held marvel will do
    Howls of thanks Wolfpage
  • Glad to hear you are enjoying your PSP, wolfie- I've recently picked up the silver slim model myself.

    I'm afraid both of the games you are asking for cheats on don't have any (or haven't had any discovered as of yet).
  • Dude sorry, there's no cheats for King Kong(psp), but I can give you for ps2, X360 and others