• Hello all, im AJ
    probably some one who visits a lot of RE related forums might recognize me.
    Anyway, i co own the website

    well heloo all.
  • Howdy A-J and welcome to APi. This is the best place to hang out and enjoy the gaming experience. A great bunch of people here and a wealth of information to be found. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do.
    We'd love for you to share your expertise, just be careful about posting links to other gaming websites.
  • alrighty, btw can you please fill me in on the signature rules ? (noticed no one here HAS one)
  • Bits like that are still being worked out, AJ- place has only been going again for a few days, after all! ;) We do prefer that links to other gaming sites not be posted- however, you could put it in your personal info for homepage.
  • oh hey one more thing ? if i run out of my casino cash, what do i do ? :P
  • QUOTE(A-J @ Apr 14 2006, 01:19 PM) [snapback]61033[/snapback]
    oh hey one more thing ? if i run out of my casino cash, what do i do ? :P [/b]

    The Family can supply you with funds, at 40%. Also by posting you raise funds, but please no spam.

  • alright, thanks for all the help guys. No more spamming :p
  • :D Greetings everyone new and old!
    I am Worfsonofmog, and I have returned!!!!!!!!!
    I really thought I wouldn't see this site again after alllllllllllllllllllll this time but hey! I am glad its back.

    Got to go now but I'll check back later to see if some of my old buds have showed up.

  • Hello! I am XR8TD and I must admit I was shocked to see an invitation to return to Absolute Playstation today when opened the E-mail. Thanks for coming back guys. This was my first gaming site I ever went to and frequented. You could post questions about games that were giving you a hard time and some kind peep would help you out of a jam sometimes in just hours. And hello to you Warf, Rex Lyndon and Charger, good to see familiar names right off the bat.

    Later and happy posting...


    p.s my sig is almost the same as Chargers, I saw it on an old mans shirt that shops at the store I work at.
  • Firstly, welcome A-J!! How lovely to have you join our most excellent family!! You can leave your coat and hat with the girl by the door upon entry, and beverages of choice are served every minute on the minute. heeheheehee Be careful of Rex and his "The Family"... unless you like broken kneecaps, that is. ;)

    WORF!?!?!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XR8TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug:
    Oh boy, the family is just getting bigger and better every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!