Final fantasy seven question
  • Help does one get Yuffie on the date with Cloud?
  • [b]Yuffie is the second hardest to get on a date, in front of Barrett. At the beginning of the game, all the characters are given an "affection" level with Aeris=50, Tifa=30, Yuffie=10, and Barrett=0. Decisions you make during the game could change who you date in the game. Just make sure to base all decisions you make biased towards whomever it is that you want to date. Ok, what i have posted below is not my work nor do i take any credit for the information held within.

    Talking to Aeris the first time, no matter what you say (believe it or not),
    has no effect.
  • I have a way to get Yuffie easily!!All you have to do is complete Yuffie's side quest first.Then be evil(I love that word!!)to everyone else!!!Then Yuffie should ask you to go on a date!!!
  • I haven't got that far yet, but thanks to you guys I know how to do some things I didn't know how to do!!!

  • I wonder if Yuffie kisses Cloud... :cuddle:
  • Do you really wanna know if they kiss?