Funniest Game Ever
  • This is the funniest thing I
  • Decided to move this to Jokes and Trivia- figured our entertainment section was more appropriate. I deleted the other thread you made about this game, gameheadz- no need to post it twice. ;)
  • My dad got himself "Bard's Tale". I sat and watched him play for a while in hysterics, not at the way he fights with the game but at the dialog.... Top notch for sure.
  • Midnight Nowhere (PC) - hilarious dialogue; Russian game which lost nothing when localised. I loved it! ^_^
  • This was great!!! I really needed a laugh like this this morning!! Got him to rampage around in his green hat, but haven't been able (yet) to figure out the combo to make him give up...

    Gotta be pizza, Julie(?)/Angelo.. and...?? I know the third part isn't the Mom on the phone, I tried that...
    Well, back to work I go! :59:
  • If it werent for the loading times this game would rock, but hell, its worth it!