Jack beanstock ii and manta rays
  • I need some help solving the 2nd riddle in Jack in the Beanstock. It is the last part that will get you up where the goose is. I have tried changing the seeds around but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  • On that last part of the riddle, you need to have three mushrooms lined up. You have to go back & trade the flower seed for a mushroom one from one of the earlier riddles.

    Sometimes you can break a chained box by using a super-charge power-up nearby. Sometimes you have to find a secret key. If you have trouble w/a specific box, let me know where it is & I will help you.

    As for that blasted Manta Ray, just keep trying. Get in a corner & then strafe left & right w/the shoulder buttons, then go to your next corner & continue this way. Try to save up your big guns for him.