My Brother In Laws Joke!
  • A little balloon boy lives with his mum and dad. His dad says 'son, your 11 now - its time you slept in your own bed for a night instead of with me and your mum'

    Little balloon boy goes to sleep in his own bed but during the night he wakes up and floats accross to his mum and dads bed. He tries to squeeze in between them but cant so he lets a bit of air out of himself, a bit out of his mum and a bit out of his dad and he squeezed in between them and went to sleep

    The following morning he woke up and floated downstairs - his dad said son - youve let me down, youve let your mum down and you let yourself down too!!!!!!!

    Thought this is best joke ever!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
  • hehehehe, the whole house was p!ssing themselves when Tony told it. Man, he's great at telling jokes.

    Who do you call when you get Bird Flu?

    The Sparrowmedics! :clap:
  • yeah that was quite good
  • Very clever joke there odd!! :clap:
  • Lmao at the baloon boy joke, but Tiff... the sparrowmedics joke... well, just dont quit your day job :P