That Time Again
  • So, it will soon be that time again - FESTIVALS!!!! - Is anyone planning on going to any??

    Me and tiff are off to Download (donington). We werent really planning on any - but as soon as metallica were confirmed i booked us the tickets for the whole weekend. Last big blowout before we start saving for the wedding.

    I would LOVE to go to Leeds/reading - at least for one day as Pearl Jam are headlining for one day. Would love to see them live. been into their stuff for years but have never managed to see um live.

    Since API shut last time we became members of a metallica forum in the UK and always have meet ups and bashes planned and have made some great mates. Gonna be great to meet up with the rowdy bunch again then head to front of pits to see the mighty metallica

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm metallica
  • QUOTE(oddish182000 @ Apr 17 2006, 04:07 PM) [snapback]61223[/snapback]
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm metallica

    As in - MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm Cookies? :D

    Were just all about packed for Download.....
    A Change of Clothes
    Loo Roll
    Various tablets for various things (those chemical toilets are just brill!!)
    Wad of beer money
    and not forgetting sunblock!!

    Had a bad case of sunburn at download 2004. Plastered myself with sunblock on face & arms, spent 2 days in the sun & kind of forgot that I was wearing 3/4 length pants on & got 3rd degree burns on my legs. Even now today I've got no hairs on the bottom part of my legs!!

    Pity about Leeds/Reading as too wanted to go & see Pearl Jam, but all weekend tickets are gone & waiting to see what day tickets pop up, plus want to see Rocky Horror at Manchester just before they do a 25th anniversary show. V festival has the worst line up I've seen and as for Glasto next year.........Kylie!! got to get those tickets!!
  • You're all so damn lucky to get to see all the best bands. They rarely come out to my neck of the woods and every time they do I seem to have gotten the travel bug and am on another continent.

    4 weeks ago I missed the biggest rock concert ever in SA because the concert was on my flight date...... 15 rock and metal bands 20 min's from my house and I missed it :( Same thing happened when I was in Australia last year.