• Can anyone tell me how the he!! to win the first bike race to win the woman. Crazy chick put herself up as the prize...... must have been an idea the crack put in her head from a previous mission.
  • From what I remember, I beat it through sheer persistense. There were several races that required multiple attempts, for me at least. It seemed to help when I used the same vehicle the other racers were using, if given a choice. And the more you race, the more familiar you become with the course. Anticipating and cutting corners on the turns helps keep your lead, once you get one. I find an ever so slight tap on the R (handbrake) when turning corners provides the best control. Don't let off once you get that lead because they will sneak up on you. A little peek back (on the straightaways) will give you an idea how much of a lead you've got.

    I wish I had a better answer for you... some super tip to help you win easily. But that's what I got. Hope it helps!

    Let me know when you get to the Love Media car hunt. I need some help myself finding one last car, the Hellenbach GT.
  • Always use the PRC... PRJ.... PCR..... whatever it's called. Basically, you can get so far ahead of the others, that even one mistake shouldn't stop you from winning. Keep in mind that the earlier the mistake, the less of a problem they are. Just learn the route you have to take and gas it for as long as you can. Never make sharp turns or you will fall. It won't take too long before you knock it out.

    As for you Charger..... I have not got there sadly. I've been distracted by too many games and work unfortunately. If I ever get there, and you still need help, I'll hook you up ^^b <-- A thumbs up if you didn't know ^^
  • The PJC is the fastest bike, I agree. The Sanchez corners and handles better and the Freeway is more sturdy, IMO. I've been bumped out by the other racers using a Freeway before I ever got a chance to get the lead. And sometimes, just when you want it, you can't find a PJC! :angry2: Whatever you do, don't use that scooter (except when you have to) and then don't shoot the driver in the back of the head! If you've done this mission, you know what I mean!

    I still need to find the Hellenbach GT, so I'll just wait until someone finds it for me! Thanks for the heads up on the ^^b mad! It does look like a thumbs up! Now go find me that :censored: Hellenbach! :D
  • U get that hellenbach gt in a mission. It's a prize you get for doing the mission.(That is like 1 out of 3 cars you win for missions).If anything...just look for the cheat code!:p