• Not trying to pucker on any butts, but I thought a thank you was due to Jim and all others for getting us back together. I figured that the Exec. lounge was the proper place to do this as all of us are accustomed to what API was meant to be and how it was missed.

    Anyway, thank you very much for having the sorted lot of us find a place to once again share our lives, experiences, opinions and gaming sagas. This haven has been missed by myself and surely others. Any help needed to keep this up and running will be met with full effort, just let me know what I can do to help.
  • Hell yes i second that!! (My god u can tell ive had half a glass of wine cant you) - Someone please stop me before i get on the table and start to sing and dance!!!!

  • If you're going to dance on the table let me get my digital camera ready first. :D :wub:

    It's been all Jim getting things back together here- I wouldn't have known things were getting back in gear here until Rex let me know via a PM on Sony's PlayStation forums (which i hardly visit due to rampany idiocy). I'm sure Jim will be looking for assistance down the road, jdm- I'm kinda curious to see what else Jim has in store.

    Meantime, as noted in the Update 1 thread at the bottom here if any of the execs have found some gaming news they can post it in the PlayStation News area (as you recall that was a mod-only place before). Just be sure to credit your source or rewrite it sufficiently to avoid any complaints of plagarism ;)
  • Agreed! Made my day when I saw that email in my inbox!

    It'd been so long since I'd been around here that I'd totally forgotten about this place, but now that it's back and running, it's just like the olden days!

    Donkey shins to all involved!
  • Jim, all those days passed when I hit the APi hotkey and cursed the non online:iness of this place are forgiven.
    Thanks for makeing this place rise from the ashes. :)
    And in the words of JDM, if there's anything I can do to help...
  • I PM'd Jim shortly after the Forum was active but and what I said then still and will always hold true. Thank you for bringing back my favourite site on the 'net. I tried desperately to find another site but with so many of them filled with spam and the idiots who cause it I gave up. Lyndon knows what I'm talking about.

    This is truly the best Forum on the 'net due to you, Jim. But also the great Mods and equally great members.

    So thank you to Jim, all the Mods and to all my friends here at APi.
  • Thankyou to everyone that helped bring the site back together. Muchos appreciated. If I can help in any way, be it web or graphic design. or just posting. give me a shout. Im happy to do whatever.

    The community here is excellent. Thankyou all
  • Add me to the list of the grateful! I too sought comfort elsewhere when the boards went down but never was able to duplicate the feelings I have for this place. It just wasn't the same. I first came here for help, but came back because of the people. A great bunch of folks I've met here with a few in particular I'd honestly call friends.

    For bringing us all back together, we are in debt to you, Jim. :notworthy: Any way we can repay it, let us know!
  • Many thanks for all of the kind words guys, it really means a lot coming from the regulars.

    May I pass on my own thanks to all of those who have helped make this community area so great over the years.

    This includes all of those people who have given up huge amounts of their time and expertise to help moderate this site.

    Just as importantly to all of the regular members who's posts and continual support have made this a very special place when you consider how most forums end up after only a few months.

    Give yourselves a pat on the back guys!
  • I would also like to give my thanks to you Jim.

    Since the forums went down Daggers Lover and I tried starting a site of our own, but it wasn't anywhere close to this site and didn't last long.

    I was never able to find a site that has such a great quality of members and posts like API has.

    Your the best Jim!
  • I also want to give my thanks to everyone who worked on getting ap back online. I had been checking the page every few months since its shutdown. Good to have it back again.
  • Again I'd just like to add how fantastic it is to see this place back up and running, many thanks Jim it's brilliant to be back!! :clap: