Holy Crip! It's A Crapple
  • Who else enjoys watching Pea Tear Griffin and family as they live through their daily hijinx? I must say that it's easily the funniest thing I've ever seen and each week, they top themselves. I need to buy the DVDs eventually but I'm a poor, cheap bastard who spends most of his [spending] money on games. I do have Volume 1 for my PSP though, and it is awesome stuff.

    I've missed a few episodes this season, but I've been staying pretty caught up. Luckily, Adult Swim starts airing the newest episodes on the last day of this month, so I can't wait. Oh, and Stewie for president ^^
  • Watched all seasons 1-3 - missed them when they were on the tv but caught up recently as i bought tiff the dvds for xmas - cant wait till season 4 is out
  • Season 4 U.K. out on DVD 24th April, thats MONDAY!!!!!!!!! YEY!! along with America Dad Season 1, double YEY!!!!

    Currently watching King of the Hill Season 1 & 2
  • :censored: Oooh , its just so naughty.......
  • Oh Majik are you having one of your sexy parties again??

    Were the hell is our invite!!! :censored:
  • "Owwww...shhhhhh..ooo...chhhhhh...OoOO.ahhhhhh" And Peter's clasic battles with "Expired coupon Chicken man".
  • Yeah, Family Guy is a breakthrough. It easily dominates all other cartoon comedies. Just the other day I saw a magazine titled "Family Guy vs. The Simpsons". I was only able to skim though it, but I do believe that Family guy prevailed in the end. Not that I'm ditching The Simpsons or anything, but I believe that Family Guy is just too good. The flashbacks are just one of many reasons it is so good.
  • You can't ditch the simpsons, they have classic episodes that we watch over again & again

    "hand me my patching trowel boy!" :clap:
  • Don't be hatin'

    Family Guy
    Harvey Birdman, Atty. at law
    Robot Chicken
    The Simpsons
    King of the Hill
    South Park
    Drawn Together

    THEY'RE ALL FUNNY!!!! Enjoy 'em while you can. :D

    Family Guy is the funniest animated show on TV, though. The family brawl re-run the other night was killin' me.

    Killin' me, I say.
  • Oddish - you of all people should know that no-one ever gets an invite to one of my fantastic parties. The really strange thing about that is everyone still comes.......

  • Family Guy definitely tops the list for me. I can't get nearly as into American Dad, simply because it seems like a ripoff of Family Guy in how the characters are designed. Given, that's not a bad thing, but with the different style it takes on, it seems like it's simply dwarfed by Family Guy. ^^

    But...yeah. Family Guy's just great because they constantly hit you with more and more gags and punchlines. They don't let up for a second. In the earlier seasons it has an even faster pace, which I honestly preferred, but even if it slows down a tad bit nowdays, it's still probably the best show out there. Definitely the best animated.

    Given, Harvey Birdman, ATAL gives it a run for its money at times, but even so...that's niche humor. ;)
  • just bought family guy season 4 & american dad season 1 from virgin for
  • D'oh Tiff - do you not watch Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps?? The safety word is kangaroo!!!