Ever played 007 Racing starring James Bond
  • Has anybody played the game and needed help? Come to me and your answers will be solved. The one thing I can't help you with is getting those darn cheat codes but with every thing else yea I can help.
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  • I have not played the game....but i have been thinking about buying it! Whats it like?


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  • You need a gameshark to get the codes bye THE DRIVER
  • Hey Haz
    The game is about cars that james bond uses in movies.
    THey have the DB5,The Lotus,BMW Z3,BMW Z8, and other cars.
    One thing i'll tell ya is that it took me 15 hours staight to beat the game. I'll tell you that they're cheats.
    Theres more to the game if you want to be specific.
    Just reply :cool:
  • Hey Tick,

    I'm totally stuck on one of the levels in this game. It's the one where you drive around blowing up mines. Then you blow up a couple of towers, pick up Zhukovsky, and leave the compound before the airstrike.

    I'm driving down the road, and it seems like I've beaten the level when Q tells me "Mission Failed".

    What am I doing wrong??