Question About The Attack System.
  • Okey, according to the attack system topic my HP and strength should recover after 3 hours right, well after 3 hours or so every time i only recover a small part of the strength and HP, is it normal ? shouldn't i recover all of it ?

  • A-J you should recover after 3 hours from you last attack, but this depends on whether or not you have been attacked since then.

    if you scroll down to the bottom of you profile page you should be able to see what conflicts you have been in since you last logged on and what the damage was.
  • i CAN"T open my profile page at all.
  • A-J
    I believe that Jim was doing some work on the profiles in the last day or so and this may be the reason that you could not open yours.
    Maybe if you tried it again to see. Hopefully it will be working and you would be able to see what all conflicts you have been involved in. :)
  • As of 10 am (UK time)m this is how you stand:

    Attack Logs

    0h 20m
  • I think AJ can't look at his profile because he is not an Executive Member. Im pretty sure that only Executive Members can look at profiles.
  • The site is still a bit glitchy, gotta forgive the guys/gals for that havent you.
  • OK, so I've been getting my ass kicked here and it's getting kinda old. How can I attack someone, or is it too late, as I am the only level 1 left?
  • WB, you can attack anyone who has Hp. Check out the Battle Guide in the Executive Lounge for more info.

    Take note of tip #7. :D
  • u attack someone by clicking attack user next to there profile and u dont have to be a certain lvl