• Need help with this game
  • [b]Here's where the 3 samples are extracted:

    When you turned back from blowing up a chopper and headed back between the buildings you should have come across the bright green plants to your right in the main area.Sample #1 is extracted there.

    Heading in the same direction you were going before freeing the slaves and past the burning field,you should have found and killed 2 guards and a sniper to the right.Head to the right past where they were standing to find a field of the plants not being touched by the fire.Grab sample #2.

    Just past that point you have 2 guards,a sniper and a burning field.Kill them and go past the deactivated gun turret.Keep going that direction to a half-burning field-ignore the path on your right.This is sample #3.

    Hope this helps you out Squall!
  • Hey guys just wondering if there are any tips/cheats for syphon filter 3. im near the end i think, in the council chambers, trying 2 find the agent held hostage.
  • That would be the Senate Building,I believe,if I'm reading this right.You'll find the agents in the lobby.It's the large room on the Southwest quadrant of the map.
  • I don't know if it is a bug in the game but a terrorist keeps coming out of the wall, while one is standing next to him. it is close to where the room with the hostage is held. so when i try 2 run past them, the other terrorists shoot the hostages. i kill around 20 guys coming out from a section of the wall and by then i give up and make a run for it. anyway thats y i was asking for cheats/tips.
  • You must be in Hadden's office,are you?If this is the spot,try standing behind the desk and target the terrorist at the door-the other should take the hits as well.There's only supposed to be two of them at that point.It's possible there may be a bug in the game,although I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem.
  • No im past that bit. it is near the hall where the hostages can be seen through that metal gate. at one end is the hostage gate and at the other is what im talking about.anyway ill try again, it must of been screwed that time around.