Have Sympathy
  • I have to go to the dentist tomorrow to have one of my wisdom teeth taken out :crybaby: I HATE The dentist they terrify me!!!!

    Am having a jab in my hand to knock me out but am still soooo scared :bag:

    Think about poor ickle me
  • I actually had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed about a week and half ago.

    Its not that bad really. 5 hours after you get it done you should be feeling fine.

    I got mine out at around 9 am and by 5 pm I went outside and walked 3 miles with my mom.

    You should get some good meds too :59:
  • I've had my wisdom teeth pulled (that might explain why I'm not so wise sometimes) so I know what you're in for. I had to be unconscious for it... I was chicken. :blush: First thing I wanted afterwards was a smoke and a milkshake, both off limits. :( I've also had some other work done so I'm all too familiar with the dentist. I have the deepest sympathy for you.

    Being in the profession you are, you should know the best painkillers to get after the procedure! You'll be veggin' out on the couch in no time!

    Btw, try not to think about the dentist Steve Martin played in The Little Shop Of Horrors. It doesn't help!

    "Son, be a dentist.... you have a talent for causing pain. Hey!"

    Good luck tomorrow.
  • I had one out a couple of years ago and coz im a stupid a$$ i waited yonks before i let him take it out!!

    Heh heh - i already know what sedation im having - Good thing about being a pharm tech - as soon as peeps realise what u do they give you the good stuff coz they know they cant palm you off with crap!!!

    Got me dihydrocodeine waiting and pots of strawberry custard in the fridge!!!
  • just be careful not to get KO'ed by that gas thing they put on you heh :devilish:
  • Our poor lil' Odd one. I have had my "wisdom" taken from me already. :). We'll be thinkin' about ya.
  • Errrrrr people, spare a thought for me as well! I've got to take her to the dentist & be her slave for the day with bloody pills & strawberry custard (yuk!!)

    I had 3 of my widsom teeth pinned & re-crowned in one sitting a while back & Jane was there with me, was in a hell of a state when I staggered out so I know what she'll be going through
  • So odd, hows your teeth? I hope everything went well.
  • Yeah Odd, how you feeling ? All go well ?

    Enjoying the custard ?
  • Went fine!! I dont remember anything fromhim putting the drugs in my arm up to around 3pm yesterday afternoon. I got to keep my tooth and its HUGE!!!!!

    Was in loads of pain last night but managed to eat some fries from macs (so i could eat down one side of my mouth)

    Custard was yum!!!!!!

    Still a bit sore this mornin but think tiff is all out of sympathy so will go to work and try there - my patients are all nice (most of um) so they will be nice to me!

    Thanx guys for the thoughts love ya all!!
  • Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh peace & quiet for 3 hours yesterday.

    No more sympathy from me today, but have some for me pleeeeeeeeease?

    I'm on 2pm - 12am today & tomorrow but get a 11:30am - 5pm on friday & a long weekend off!! yey!! Oh wait! I've put my name down for Saturday & Sunday overtime :censored: but all double time &