• Wow this game is awsome, i cant believe what i was missing! Well i just beat Revolver ocelot, and i didn't know what to do and then i checked a helpers guide and it said you have to blow another one of the walls, And i dont have any C-4. Can someone tell me where to get some more because im too lazy to look :grin1: Thanks :)

  • Cloud, after you beat Revolver you don't need to blow up any more walls. After you beat Revolver contact Meryl on 140.15 and she will open the big doors on floor B1. While she is doing that use the level 2 keycard to open room 6 to get the Fa-mas and box of bullets :thumbsup:

    Hope that helps
  • Umm, there is another wall you can blow up but all you get in the camrea when you get the correct key card. The wall is on the far end of the room around the area where you fought Ocelot. The hallway is straight and the other door is on the wall (go in first person view and look for the discolored wall) There are to sentry guns so be careful!
  • u don't need to blow up that wall until after u get the level 6 keycard. wait till then.:thumbsup: