• how do i beat the catacomb level where you follow the lab guy without being seen before he opens the palm print lock
  • The level you're on can be quite tricky. I hadn
  • [b]
    bfine, if you get stuck anymore just visit this Syphon Filter Walkthrough at the PSone strategy guide section of the API site.

    Good luck with the game
  • i can get to the room with the ramp but the lab coat guy just runs around aimlessly and eventualy sees me
  • Find a good place to hide while he's running around, and most importantly PERSEVERE!
  • This was the hardest part in the game for me too. What I found useful was when you pass the stairs in the room and follow the lab guy, if you don't kill the guard that walks around the big box thing in the next room. If you just sneak past him the lab guy won't even see you coming. :thumbsup:
  • is there a cheat for infinite health?
  • [b]All that i can find is a gameshark code for extra health.
    Extra Health