Exec Member Update 2
  • Well as promised, here is your latest update on everything that is happening behind the scenes at APi...

    1: CHANGES TO COMMUNITY AREA - a new name

    You will have noticed that we have renamed and reorganised many of the areas in this community area. This is in preparation for some big changes that are coming to Absolute PlayStation in the near future. While some of them may seem a little confusing, I promise that all will be made clear very soon.

    The first major change will be to the change of location of this area to: www.absolute-community.com

    Don't worry, this place wont suddenly disappear, all of your old web-links will still work and you can continue to access it in the same way.

    The logo at the top of the page will be updated later today to reflect this change.

    2: NEW FEATURE - blogging

    Later today all executive members will be able to open their own mini website within the community area. You will be able to let people know about your hobbies, post images, keep a diary and much more.

    All of our staff members will have their own blogging area too, allowing you to see what they are working on. Imagine being able to follow the first impressions that one of our reviewers has of a game, right up to their final thoughts... cool eh !

    Don't worry if you already have your own blog somewhere else, you can link to it from this new area. When you update your blog, we will let everyone know for you.


    With our plans for the future taking shape, we will be needing to assemble a larger team of people to help out with the site than we had last time.

    If you feel you have some skills in any of the following areas then we would like to hear from you:

    - Writing Articles
    - Graphic Design
    - Research - finding news articles, cheats & tips
    - Administration - helping to keep everything running
    - PR and Marketing - promoting the site and contacting game developers

    There are two important things to note here... the first is that there will be no money paid for this work - you will be doing it for the experience and for the benefit of the gaming community and secondly you will need to be 18 years old or over.

    If you are interested, please email me with as much information about yourself as possible. I need to know what you feel you can offer to the site and why.

    email me at: [email="apiemail@aol.com"]apiemail@aol.com[/email]