Competition Ideas
  • Looking for any ideas you have for a members competition.

    The winner will get either a new PS2 or some games (if they already have a PS2).

    I am looking for something that everyone would want to enter - the more original the better, but I would like it to encourage people to visit the main site as well as post something in the community area.

    The only thing I have come up with is some kind of treasure hunt that takes people from page to page around the web site with clues on different pages to get you to the next place. Everyone who finds the treasure gets entered into the draw for the PS2 goodies. ???

    It wants to be something that will encourage people to check out the website, but it needs to simple enough so that hundreds of people enter - not just a few.

    Come on guys - get your thinking caps on and come up with something special.

  • The treasure hunt idea is definatly a good one Jim. I brainstormed and the best I could come up with were these...

    : most effective/ impressive AP advertisment in the real world ( a banner on a bridge or something, the entrant takes a photo and sends it in to you) not sure about legal issues regarding that one lol.

    : best accrostic poem for "playstation" or "absolute playstation"
    eg A - Awesome B - Best etc etc.

    : best banner for AP (online)

    : people have to searcht the site and complete a crossword/questionare... same as your idea really...

    wow, its hard to think of good ideas, Ill have a bit more of a think and get back to you.

    Just a quick Q, will there be new games going in the arcade section. How about a sudoku game? Scored on how many sudoku puzzles you complete?

    Hope that helps.
  • sudoku!!!! but becareful as Jane is bloody good at it & I've got the taste of blood for those numbers (letters & icon version are better for mental skils)

    The classic compo - wallpaper, icons & banner design

    A "who dunnit?" - where one of the mods has been :wacko: hic!........... MURDERED!! and theres clues around the forum & main site

    Drinking competition! no wait that was another forum where we did raise a shed load of money for 2 good causes (and not to mention drank the bar totally dry!)
  • I like Tiff's "who dunnit" proposal. Lethals real world banner situation would be awesome, but like he said there could be a few legal issues.

  • a simple trivia would be awesome. Or something i got off another site, make a small edition to any old topic, something for everyone to find. the first one to find it wins.
  • what about like a questionnaire thing but some of the questions are personal to the mods or other staff and people gotta make alliegances to get swop the correct info - and those you dont like will give you the wrong ones

    might be a bit excluding for new members who dont wanna ask personal questions like - Eh up majik - what colour underpants you got on?? Oh i see comando again

    *runs to get battery acid to rub in my eyes - will wash but shall never be clean*
  • I really like lethals poetic suggestion though even the banner one will be good but not everyone can enter it

    Treasurehunt is also a good idea byt its not advisable for people with limited usage like the 1 i recenty got :( it suks.

    think of something universal and original :devilish:
  • Well go on then..........

    I like the sudoku idea - just because i plain kick ass!!!! Or we should all just meet up and have a paintball session - last one standing takes the prize!!!! MUHWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A trivia contest would be good- you could make the questions site-related and people would have to explore the site to find the answers. For example, Who wrote our review of Ico? Answer- Tom Rooney (been in contact with some of the old crew, btw Jim?).
  • I have been to a few sites where they have an "easter egg" hunt around the site, different clues could lead you to pages ala the treasure hunt idea I guess.