Online Poker
  • Well in the last few years online Poker has really taken off - and I'm hooked on it, just love learning the game and rinsing all the useless online players of their money :D Taken over $2000 (
  • I've only done a bit of the play money games on haven't been on enough to bother trying for actual cash.
  • I've played for fun, but not for money. It seems like when you play for money you try to hard and don't do as well.
  • I played for a while on did pretty well, but due to HD space on my computer I had to uninstal quite a few things. I really need a new external HD.
  • I played on pokerstars for about half a year before it got really popular. In a 6000-man toruny I came 7th. Now there is just too many noobs and I refuse to play online for fake chips.

    Every week me and the boys organize a game. Pretty fun and addicting game. Just have to make sure not to become obsessed with it. There is money to be made from the morons though :P
  • Yeah I play on PokerStars - I love their Sit and Go tournaments - I have the highest edge on them.

    Tony, the noobs is where the money is at!! :laugh: I have the occasional home-game every now and again too, used to play all the time at college when I was there - it's a great laugh - much better than online it's true.
  • I mean in the play money games. It kind of ruins the game when like 6 people go all-in first hand.

    And I hate it when I lose with aces haha. I like how in money games people at least have a general idea of how to play. :P And yes, the sit-and-go's are very fun. I also like playing all the other variants of poker. Do you play Hold'Em No limit?
  • Oh yeah, the Play money games are a bit of a joke sometimes it's true. Yeah seeing Aces cracked is brutal! Last home game we played, it was a tournament and I got ALL-IN pre-flop with my AA against someones 66. Was going great until the river was a fricking 6!! That's enough to send you steaming I tell ya!

    Yeah I play a few different types of Poker - Hold'em No Limit cash games (I prefer playing 6max games, more action) And also been playing some Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Omaha 8-or better also.

  • Oh my god. Aces rarely win in those play money games. Its horrible. Me and my friend were watching a high stakes table online, one dude had pocket kings, the other dude had bullets. The flop was AKJ, so they both had trips. Then the turn was like a 9 or something, and then on the river buddy caught another king to get quads. They were both all-in and the dude with quad kings won like $15,000. It was insane. I almost cried when it showed there hands because I was joking around with my friend saying that one had aces and the other hand kings :P

    Pot limit is extremely hard to play unless you have a professionlal dealer with you. (Or of course the computer) Omaha hi takes a while to master as well. So many draws available every hand. By 6 games max, do you mean 6 different tables at one time?
  • QUOTE(tonygillis @ Apr 30 2006, 08:24 PM) [snapback]61986[/snapback]

    Pot limit is extremely hard to play unless you have a professionlal dealer with you. (Or of course the computer) Omaha hi takes a while to master as well. So many draws available every hand. By 6 games max, do you mean 6 different tables at one time?

    Oh no I mean like games where only 6 people maximum can sit down at. I do generally play quite a few tables at one time when playing online though, but only 3 to 4 at the moment.

    Yeah I only Pot Limit online - as you're right it can become a right mess! Omaha HI is great fun, and takes quite a bit of getting used to. Took me a while to realise why with a 76542 Board I didn't have a straight with 8KKA hand etc...!

    Do you play much online TonyG? (all these Tonys!!!)

  • I'm the same Tony :P. I just renewed my old username. And yes, its probably wise to play at tables with 6 people rather than 9-10. I played at tigergaming for a while, and from a $1 freerole, I got up to $20.

    Many sites now are hosting freeroles just to try to advertise their site. I have to say my favorite part is when it gets heads-up. Sometimes it can be so intense. How about you, like heads-up play?
  • Ooh right lol sorry didn't realise!! Yeah deep-stacked heads-up play is intense but so much fun - cards almost become irrelevant it's just about playing the player - it suits my aggressive style of game well and I love to open right up and play loose aggressive as I just love the action! You've got me in the mood to play now!

    Party Poker have actually just given me a free $35 in my account because I haven't played there for ages - sweet!

    EDIT - Which is now upto $60! :clap:
  • Just back from Vegas and managed to play about 5 hours of texas holdem in the excalibur casino - so much better than online and home games AND they bring you free drink as you play. I could hardly see the table never mind the cards after a few hours !

    Met a great bunch of guys on the table and the dealers were a great bunch too.

    Currently playing at partypoker and pokerroom, but must admit that onlince poker has lost its edge a little since playing the real thing.

    Any of you guys played at Vegas ?
  • Aw man I'm already planning a trip to Vegas when I hit 21 - so jealous!!

    What games you play over at Party Jim?

    EDIT - $35 turned into $100. I thankyou. :)