Live Chat Tonight/tomorrow?
  • Im off of work tonight and tomorrow so if you guys want to get a live chat going that would be cool. We could even brainstorm some competition ideas for Jim.
  • Would be up for it tomorrow night - lateish - after 8pm?? - Thats UK time - PROPER TIME LOL!
  • [b]I'd love to participate in a chat but unfortunatly we've got Valborgsm
  • Just to let you and all other exec members know before anyone else... we should have the new version of live chat working by 8pm tonight (UK)

    Dont want to spoil the surprise... but its totally awesome and way better than anything we have ever used before !

    Hold on tight !

  • Lol

    I went to sign in to the livechat and it signed me into my old account. I think Im going to start using this one since it was my original.
  • Just FYI, I am currently in "The Lounge", and it is 8:18ish PM, EST. (that'd be in the US and Canada) :D
    And, uuhh... I'm all alone, and it's scary in here all by myself!!! :blink:
  • Chat tomorrow anyone???
  • Ona school night?? Ha ha - I cant make it during the week - have far too much work to write up/sort out when i get in - then tea - then quality tiff time (sit on our asses watching DVD's!)

    Besides i promised the ol' dude i would wash up for him tonight!!