• As part of the updates to the whole web site, we have now launched "Absolute-Conversation". This new LiveChat system will allow everyone who is a member of the Absolute Community to chat with each other in real time.

    To use this new service simply log-in to the community area as normal and then click on the Conversation (LiveChat) link at the top of the page. You will automatically be logged into the service with your community user name.

    To keep track of who is currently talking, we have added an area at the bottom of the main community page showing who is currently using Absolute-Conversation.

    We hope you like this new member service.

  • I signed into it, and it was awesome. I hope to see you all in there today.
  • Looks pretty sweet, I am in there now. Pretty spiffy. :)
  • Jim, you've outdone yourself here! :clap: This chat is a very nice place to hook up- easy customization for personal tastes too.
  • Im hanging out with the guys in there too, looks great, good work Jim.