Hail The Prince
  • <_< Hello mere Humans and fellow Saiyans out there The Prince of all Saiyans is back after a long agonising training :flex: Experience without absolute playstation<br />
    Neways Happy Birthday B)

    I wanted To ask when can u nxt change ur avatar and wat is this exp strength and hp system and happy to know that grade system is back though it may increase spamming once again
    AND wat is executive
  • Another veteran returns. Welcome back prince!

    Now that you have posted and are an executive member you may change your avatar and also change your custom title.

    The hp is part of an rpg system which is a lot of fun.
  • WAT is EXECUTIVE and custom title

    How change custom title
  • Go into mycontrols. From there click on edit profile information. The first option should be a custom title. You can change it form Playstation 3 Expert to whatever you wish.
  • lol, have fun explaining the whole new system SD.
  • There is no custom title option
  • Welcome back Vegeta. When you go into My Controls click on Edit Profile Information- very first blank there is Custom Member Title. Put what you want in there (keep it clean now ;) ) and hit the Amend My Profile button at the bottom.