Casino Bug?
  • I was playing in the casino earlier today and when I left the game, I didn't get my money. I had 400 ps points when I left, and didn't get any of them. Is there something I must do to get them, or is this some sort of bug?
  • I had this problem too Tony. Check your wallet, they may be there. If not, sorry, they are gone lol. I lost around 350 myself.
  • It took 85 off me the other day - thought it was just something i had done!
  • were you all playing the same game - it might just be a problem with one game ?
  • Well, I was playing poker, and I think I lost it cause I didn't hit the "cash out button".
  • That would do it- need to remember to hit the cash out to get the credit you made playing.
  • I noticed Jim is working on the problem, but if it helps I was having the problem with Poker. It would not let me cash out at all and I lost over 20,000 pspoints (during 3 sessions). When I tried to cash out, it would log me out automatically then when I logged back on, I had to clear the session, causing all my points to disappear, along with my buy in.

    Also, the Keno game would not let me draw numbers, although I only tried it once since I lost my buy in there too.
  • It was keno that did it to me
  • there fixing it i think