Music Tastes?
  • Just wondering what the music taste is among APi members. Choose your favourite music genre and we will find out! Myself? Metal of course.
  • Metal's the top choice :punk: altho I'll pretty much listen to anything given what mood I'm in. Anything besides pop / top 40 and country western that is.
  • I don't confess myself to any style of music in general.
    Allthough I tend to listen to Rock, Blues, Punk, Singer-songwriter, Classical, and blip-blop syntesizer music.

    I also find it hard to classify the genres. As an example I'd say that Metallica is Metall, whilst a buddy of mine who's into growl-bands would state that they are mearly rock if not pop even. Is Green Day considered punk or pop - top 40? It depends on who you ask.
  • Yeah, thats true manne, but just trying to get general tastes in music :P and now you mention it you have some good points. Its hard to define music as a genre sometimes.
  • I like almost all music, except for country. If I had to pick a favorite though it would be punk
  • Metal without a doubt but am also partial to a bit of northern soul (from wigan casino days) and 90's dance
  • Well, it is obvious that I picked Metal. Reason is that Metal is practically what I hear. Metal and it's sub-genres: Heavy, Death, Dark, Power, etc. Other than that, I listen to some Gothic Rock and some Alternative music.
  • I would have classed early green day as punk but now i think they are more alternative. Dont get me wrong american idiot is a fantastic album and saw them live on that tour and they blew us away - but i think they are deffo more chart friendly now
  • Deffo METAL!!!! :devilish:

    I don't see EMO in your listing, oh no wait, your not allowed to put Sh!te in the listings & will not come under "other"
  • I just couldn't pick one, my music taste is so broad - R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop/Punk/Rock I'll happily listen to many different types of music. :59:
  • I will keep my feelings regarding emo to myself... forums not a place for that language... actually I forgot a hell of a lot of genres, thats just what I thought of at the time.
  • i like nearly all music
  • I like new-rock, old-rock, middle-aged-rock, metal and some alternative. I hate pop, dance, rap, country.

    The radio station I listen to must know me pretty well, 'cause rarely do they play a song that I don't like, if they do I know that the next one will be a good one. :punk:

  • Don't really care what kinda music I listen to though it really all depends on my mood. The only kind I can't stand is the ones where the singer screams. It drives me nuts.
  • Le gasp! I'm the only alternative-jockey thus far?

    Go figure!

    I listen to lots of stuff; rock, metal, hip-hop, alternative. From lots of different countries from that matter. Pretty sure I've got stuff from France, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, India, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Italy, Finland...all over the bloody place.

    Always fun to listen to something in a language you don't understand.

    In the end, though, alternative wins out.

    Cake, Presidents, Everclear, all that kinda stuff, including some of the more indie stuff like Archers of Loaf, Mogwai, Death Cab For Cutie, that kinda stuff.