• hi if anyone knows any mistakes, blunders in a film please reply he is one i spotted in the 1st harry potter

    When Harry goes to take his seat after being sorted, he sits opposite Hermione. In the next cut he is seated beside her.

    and hers a another one in gladiator

    When Maximus returns home to his fields, tractor tracks are visible in a field of wheat by the road
  • There is one i remember from star wars return of the jedi - When han solo has put the bomb in a bunker and he turns to run away you can see his reflection in a piece of blast sheild to stop harrison ford being hurt be debris!!

    There are a few sites were you can get some of these but if you read them ul end up nuts watching films and picking errors out lol!!
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean:

    When the Black Pearl attacks the city, William Turner (orlando bloom) has a nice clean shaven face.
    Then the next day he is there with a full blown gotee and moustache.

    I have not even seen the hairiest of men be able to pull that off. :g:

    I like looking for movie blunders..and I'm sure I've noticed more than just this one here..but I can't seem to remember any of them. I'll post more as they come to me I'm sure.
  • thanks for them