Happy Birthday!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARGER :clap: Hope you have a good one matey!
  • Awww, thanks fluffy! :blush: One more year and I'm over the hill! Who'd think an old geezer like me would still be playing games. I ought to grow up one of these days!
    Got a special present from manneman I wish I could share with everyone, but it may be too risque for delicate eyes.

    Going to celebrate with some BBQ and beer! Thanks Dan, Jim, manne and Lethal for the B-Day wishes!
  • "old" is a state of mind, but once you reach a certain age you lose your "mind", so Merry Christmas !!! :D
  • Happy B-day Charger. Party hard for me ;)
  • Happy birthday and remember - Your only as old as the woman your feeling!!

    Have a great day x :wub:
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Dude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! (late, as usual, but at least it's just a day)

    You can always PM some of us more "mature" (over 40... that's me!!) members as to what that wonderful gift was that manne gave you!! Some of us (that's me!) are now very very curious!!!!!!!

    Hope your Birthday was Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :59:

    Good 2 see there is a Happy Birthday :punk:
  • Happy Birthday buddy. I have seen the 'special gift' and I must say I really didn't like it. I guess it really didn't 'touch' me the way I would have liked. :bash: ;)
  • a little late happy birthday but a happy birthday all the same :) hope it was dun. :P