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  • Ok,

    I am a guild master, anyone currently without a clan, want to be in one? My doors are open, PM me or post in this forums, the loop clan are currently wiping the floor with 9 members! :bash:

    We cant really let them go unchallenged can we? That wouldnt be any fun...
  • QUOTE(Lethal @ May 4 2006, 05:56 PM) [snapback]62276[/snapback]
    the Loop clan are currently wiping the floor with 9 members![/b]

    *gets out mop to clean up mess* Somebody has to frag and somebody has to be fragged. It's the way of the world. It's never personal.

    QUOTE(Lethal @ May 4 2006, 05:56 PM) [snapback]62276[/snapback]
    Also, if this doesnt take off the ground, Ill be looking for a guild to go to[/b]

    Join the best or die like the rest. :flex:

    Let me put this in a way you can understand it, Lethal...

    Blood follows blood and we make sure
    Life ain't for you and we're the cure...
    Steamroller action crushing all
    Victim is your name and you shall fall...

  • "...and amongst the destruction and CHAOS death shall ride among them."

  • Lethality clan is hereby disbanded! I am more of a follower, or mabey a high ranking general, than a leader anyway. So, im looking for a clan... the question is... clan you handle me? thats clantastic if you clan! lol, ok, enough of the clans, anyway, I guess my options are open. Any free clan positions? PM me if so, I am closing this topic.

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