A Close Call
  • Wow, I almost missed my statistics final today. I was certain that my exam was on Friday May 5th at 3:00 pm. I was wrong. I went to finish up a paper I was writing when I noticed that my exam was actually today at 3 pm. When I noticed it was 2:55 so I had to haul ass to campus. Im just glad my professor let me in even though I was late.
  • you should always be at the examination hall atleast half an hour before dude. Gives you time to scope the place out.
  • He he, nothing gets you in the that exam-stress-brain-lock like arriving late.
    One trick to spae you the embaressment of everybody looking at you is to loudly and in an annoyed tone ask "Have you started without me?". That somehow makes everybody else feel uncomfy, and youfeel on top of the world, ready to ace your test.

    It may also cause you to get expelled for disturbing an exam, but what that heck.
  • Nice one - doh!! But did u do better or worse than you thought u did - i always used to spend the day before stressing the hell out of myself!! Guess u missed that aspect lol!!!

  • Being late like that to an exam would really put me into an unsettled mood. That and getting your calculator stuck in radians mode and not knowing how to switch it back to degrees so you had to put your hand up and ask a teacher who knows nothinga bout maths but you don't have the patience to explain to them so you ask for another calculator and it takes five minutes to arrive.
  • I remember my biology A'level resit - was on my 18th birthday - was full of a cold and had been in the pub 'celebrating' since 11am that morning

    4hrs drinking + cold and flu remedies = very drowsy janeybobs!!

    Got an A on that exam tho lol!!!!

    Then doing an IT exam for my degree was after a 12 hour shift at macdonalds so was knackered!! Got 100% in that

    Am so glad i dont have to worry bout exams anymore - Tis one reason i didnt do my pharmacy degree - 5 years study then it all rests on your pre-reg exam which you only have one shot at!! Fail it and its all wasted!!

    My next exam is in september nad is my ACt exam (accredited Checking Technician) 100% pass rate of checking 40 prescriptions for errors and now my boss has decided she wants to take me!! Pressure anyone??
  • I think I did pretty well. It was only statistics which is pretty much plugging things into my calculator. I though I didn't have any exams though so I was out partying the night before and when I arrived late and out of breath I looked like crap, lol.

    BTW, welcome back crashkart.
  • LOL wow. Good going there Speed Demon. You should probably get a scheduler or something. Maybe a PDA?

    :punk: I party before exams all the time.
  • Never been really any good at exams, :pooh: being late for one would freak me out.

    QUOTE(RedKennypup2004 @ May 7 2006, 04:00 AM) [snapback]62441[/snapback]

    :punk: I party before exams all the time.[/b]

    When I did my final design exam I partied the whole night before and was still wired when I sat to wright it..... got 99% LOL, was shocked..... wouldn't have done so well if it was math.
  • Ha, I didnt have a "close call" I completely missed my Business Commuincations exam, its only a 5% multiple choice peice of Sh!t but nonetheless I want to do my best. Good thing I can do it this tuesday instead. In fact, I had a really crap week altogether. :(
  • and they say today's yough isn't keen to study :bash: hehehe