• Does anybody here watch Red vs Blue? Its a halarious animated series based on halo 1 and 2.
  • A couple of my friends love it; I only watch the ones they reccomend. Damn funny series though :P I like the one at Beaver Creak. "Give me a boost." lmao.
  • I've watched through all he episodes up to # 77 over at their site- good stuff. I'll have to remember to check on new episodes over there, it's been a couple of weeks.
  • Ive seen pretty much every episode to date. This kind of comedy seems to be right up my alley... stupid comedy... wait... did I just offend MYSELF?
  • Check the signature folks, check the signature!

    ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!! I haven't seen many of the episodes aside from Episode 39. Though I do love episode 39 and can quote probably the whole thing. Boyfriend watches it and loves it as well. :wub:

    I absolutely adore Caboose. :clap: :wub: