Tonyy hawks 3 help!
  • well here goes i need help finding the board pickup in LA and in the airport as well as advice on how to get the grind on the airport sign?
    and also where is the A hidden in canada for The S-K-A-T-E goal.

    if anyone needs advice on other stuff not listed here then post a reply i may be able to help
  • In the airplane level when you start look to your right.You should see a thing where you put youre luggage on to get it inspected.Ollie on it and you will get to an area where you will find the deck(I also consider the bowl here the best place to get points).To grind the airplane sign you must grind the lights hanging from the roof at the upper end of the second stairway.When you jump to the second light youll see the airport sign right in front of you.Just keep grinding the sign until you get the gap and then land succesfully.

    Maybe you could help me.Do
  • hey i can help you with that one.
  • Thanks rukudo.I can help you wit the tree.You just have to blow up the tree then nosegrind the end thats closer to the ground.
  • Also in the Airport an easier way to grind the Airport sign is to use those two ramps next to it get some speed up then jump across and grind it then you'll land on the rails along the wall and grind even more, Big Points there 70,000+ combos nearly every jump.