Exec Member Update 3
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    A big thank you to everyone who returned to the website over the past couple of weeks. I find it amazing that after 2 years away, almost everyone has returned, and it already feels like 'the good old days' again. We had 90 people in the community area at the same time recently, which was an amazing thing to see.

    To reward your return, we opened:

    - An arcade game area that now has over 50 titles for you to play, with scoreboards on them all, so you can see who is the best gamer.

    - A battle game that allows members to come together in teams and plan strategic battles against other teams

    - A blogging system that allows you to share your hobbies, interests and views on the world with our huge audience.

    - A LiveChat area for you to have real-time conversations with other members.

    ...the good news is that this is just the beginning...

    We would like to announce today that Absolute Playstation will be expanding in the following ways:

    - Launch of new ABSOLUTE website ( http://www.absolute.ws )
    - Launch of Absolute-Xbox360
    - Launch of Absolute-Wii (nintendo revolution)
    - Launch of Absolute-Conversation
    - Update to Absolute-Community (new BUDDY-SQUAD to help new members)
    - Launch of Absolute-Flash-Games

    We wanted you guys to know first !

    You will see many changes over the coming days and weeks.

    Thanks for believing in us, we are about to repay your loyalty.

    Best Wishes

  • yeah the flash game website is reopening :clap:
  • What is the buddy squad? Is that something to try and get new members used to the battle system, arcade, and all that?
  • More or less - yes. The Buddy Squad is a group of members who will be looking after the new members and making them feel welcome here, making sure they enjoy their stay at our forums! Oddish is currently our first "buddy" on the squad. :)
  • I am with this place till the bitter end. This was the first place I ever posted at and the good lord willing, I would like it to be my last.

    I wish you the best of luck with this venture Jim, and we are here to help.

  • *raises hand*

    I could be a buddy!! :clap:

    Can I be a buddy????