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  • Hi everyone, I was talking to a member in Absolute Conversation (LiveChat) last night and they mentioned they were off to the Cinema, which gave me an idea ?

    Every time you go to see a new movie, is there any chance you could pop in here and tell us a little bit about it and if you would recommend that other member of the community went to go and see it ?

    Its over to you !

  • Really keen to hear from anybody who has seen Mission Impossible III. It was released in the UK yesterday and wondering if it is as good as the trailers make it out to be! Will hopefully go see it myself sometime next week.

    Think the last film I went to see was the last Harry Potter film - actually the first HP film I'd seen but I suprised myself as I really enjoyed it and quite got into it!

  • Well, I guess I'll start the ball rolling. This wasn't however at the Cine, I bought it on DVD. About 75% of the time I enjoy Tarantino flicks, ( although he didn't write or direct this one ) his name is still associated so thereby we have guilt by association.

    If you concider buying HOSTEL I reccomend using your hard earned paper currency as toilet paper. My brother told me the last 15-25 minutes were gruesome, however I didn't make it that far. I doubt that I ever will. The first hour of the movie ( which is all I had the internal strength of will to watch ) is nothing short of a class B soft-core porn movie. With a very shallow story and alot of totpless scenes and a few moments of hideous gore, I should've bought episodes of Girls Gone Wild and Faces Of Death to achieve the same effect.

    Anyway that's my spin on this movie, to each his or her own, but I reccomend skipping this one.
  • Hi! Showing n dito MI3 sa amin, pero d ko pa napapanood eh, wala kasi ako kasama tsaka inuna ko manood ng Silent Hill.... err I guess you mind me speaking in a foreign language huh? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Mission Impossible 3 are now on cinemas here.. But I haven't watched it because I prioritized watching Silent Hill before MI3.

    I liked the movie Silent Hill.. maybe because I've played the game. Most of the charcters are there, and the monsters too! It's not scary though.. I guess this movie are meant for the gamers. If I were not a gamer, maybe it would be just another suspense movie for me..
  • I saw Mission impossible 3 yesterday. I didn't think it would be that good, but I actually liked it a lot. Tom Cruise did an awesome job. I don't want to spoil the movie so thats all im going to say. But I do highly recommend seeing MI3.
  • Not sure if this movie is out everywhere...but a week or so ago I went to see the movie The Sentinel.

    I didn't think it would be any good, but I believe that that movie was by far the best suspence flick I have seen. It was worth the money in my opinion. I can't remember who's in it aside from Eva Langoria (though she doesn't play an important role)

    Anyway, if you've got the time go ahead and check it. :clap:
  • Went to see Mission Impossible III last night....... Pretty cool indeed, action, action, action, stunning cars, beuatifull woman and some really cool stunts.

    As SD said, I also won't do a spoiler but totally agree..... Well worth going to see on the big screen !
  • Last night I rented Domino with Keira Knightley :wub: , Mickey Rourke, Edgar Ramirez, Lucy Liu and Christopher Walken. Directed by Tony Scott.

    The movie starts off by stating that the following is based on a true story... sort of. Which leads me to believe that the movie is based on some facts about the life of Domino Harvey.

    Domino Harvey could have had life handed to her on a silver platter instead she gave up her career as a runway model and turned to a life as a bounty hunter.

    The movie was an excellent flick for someone who wants a change from you typical cops and robbers action flick. The movie is gritty and well thought out. The action is believable and just at the right times. I really enjoyed the movie and would add it to my collection, it was that good that I would watch it again and again.

    Domino is rated 18A for strong violence, pervasive language, sexual content/nudity and drug use.

  • I saw Mission Impossible 3 two nights ago. I went in expecting this movie to be as good as the other 2, and was not disappointed. I wouldn't give it an incredible rating, but it is definitly the best movie currently playing in theatres. So, wanna see a good action movie? This would be my recommendation for you :P
  • Saw "Scary Movie 4"......... had me in hysterics ! Maybe I've just got a slightly wharped sense of humor but I was ROFLMFAO !!!!
  • I just returned from seeing Silent Hill, and I haven't had so much fun at a "scary" movie in a long time. I might be the only person on this board who didn't play the game (I started it, but the little creepy things with the knives really weirded me out), so the storyline was mostly new to me. I liked the pace of the film, the actors did a fine job, the score was spooky, and the overall effect was suspenseful and tense.

    I wish I had been able to see it during a matinee (crowded and noisy), but I had a good time.
  • i went to see mission impossible 3 last week at the cinema and i thought it was just action start to finish but there were a few bits a think they put in for a joke so lets compare it with the matrix lawrence fishburne who as u might know is morpheus in the matrix says in one bit send agent dozer and agent somebody else up there i cant remember the name and as u might know dozer is the pilot in the matrix then there is a scene when tom cruise is holding a mobile phone to his ear running round getting directions just like the matrix and as u might remember neo is guided at the end by somebody on the phone and the scene is almost exactly the same and its at the end aswell.

    and for some stupid reason simon pegg i think u call the bloke out of sean of the dead shows up as this fast talking nerd and he gives cruise directions at the end but mission impossible might not be as good on dvd because there is bits where jets and missiles are flying past him and it sounds really cool so its a must watch at the cinema