Titanic 2!
  • Watch this.

    Ok, now the first time I saw that I thought it was for real. Then i saw that it was under "funny videos". Does anybody else know anything about this? o_O
  • Nope, definatly not real. If you notice they stole clips from other movies. The "warm liquid goo phase" when they were unfreezing jack is actually a clip from austin powers.
  • lmao, not totally deranged at all, if they could make it beleiveable it might sell lol. nice work to whoever did that.
  • Aha. Ok, cause I was fighting with my friend that it wasn't real. He's a fairly smart fellow, not often wrong so I started to believe him.

    And I could have swore a few of those scenes were from movies I already seen. :P Yeah, whoever made that did a pretty good job putting together all those scenes.
  • Excellently done for sure, what's with the dude's in the Nazi uniforms tho ??