MGS- another question
  • I am playing MGS for the 2nd time, and I can't remember where I found the flack jacket!!

    I'm gettin' creamed going up the tower stairs. Help!

  • Lucifer, I've played this game numerous times and the only time i came across body armour was through the steam room in the blast furnace. But the easiest way to get up the tower steps with out getting hit is too run while shooting and to do this hold square and X at the same time, if you do this you'll get up them tower seps in no time. And by now in the game you should have a sh!t load of Fa-Mas ammunition.
  • i think (may be wrong) theres some body armour in the sperate rooms in the basment of the nuclear warhead storage building (close to where you fought ninja)
  • Well I think Fox Die is right..You need level 6 or 7 card I think to acess the room.....
  • FoxDie is correct.

    Any chance, this being your second go through, that you have the bandana? If you do, let me know and I'll let you in on the absolute easiest way to go up the tower. Done it many times, and it's a hoot!:p
  • my favorite way to get up that stairway is to just keep tossing Stun Grenades and running.
  • Allright! Thanks for the help guys (Fox Die, ER & juggleknot)...I got it!!

    ziffgone: Yes, I have the bandanna
  • :P Not much of a secret, as juggleknot pretty much described it. With the bandana, you can toss an unlimited amount of stun gernades. All you have to do is, once you're on the staircase, just press left on your controller. This will keep you running up the stairs. Toss a stun gernade everytime the flash just starts to dissipate, this way you find a nice compromise between being able to see and keep stunning the guards. Have fun! And don't get elbowed on the way up, eh.:thumbsup:
  • If you've got the bandanna, them my favourite method of negotiating the stairs is to use the FA-MAS. First, nearly empty the clip and when you're down to the last few bullets
  • It may be my old age showing but I didn't think you could exit this building the way you came in anyhow, so going back to the other area isn't an option is it?