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  • Can't wait ! Even tho I'm nowhere near completing GT4 it's definitelly on the list of 'must have' titles.

    I wonder what kind of steraring wheel will come out for it or if we'll be able to stick with the logitech one out now which is brilliant..... What about crashing ? Will it be added ?

    It has been confirmed that there will be bikes and cars..... mmmmm nice to be able to race a latest superbike against a muscle car that might stand a chance of winning.
  • It should be noted that this game is just Gran Turismo 4 with updated graphics. It's of course in 1080p and it was even playable at E3. The game looks good, but just imagine what Polyphony Digital will be able to do on GT5, after it has a few years of practice under its belt. I can already feel the realism thinking about it. I mean, GT4 had photorealistic backgrounds, now they can be rendered in real-time. A real-time weather system will of course come in to play..... I think that the first couple of years will see quite a few innovations while the proceeding years will see developers perfecting their games. It'll be interesting to see what type of games we have by the time the next consoles are even thought of by companies.
  • Well, this thread was probably made with the idea that the game would actually be released :)

    It was in fact released, albeit in nip/tucked format. GTHD is available on the Playstation Network as a free download.

    This game was a welcome surprise when I got my PS3, to find a free racing game on my system, thats pretty cool. But then I remembered it was a Gran Turismo game.

    --- Uh Oh. That means I am going to have to drift again. :( I don't wanna drift!!! Sure enough, when I downloaded the game and started driving around in the single track you can actually play on, I realized that you cannot go through a curve at a speed higher than 1 mph. :eek:

    I am serious. That is not my idea of fun. And you know what happens if you go 2 mph through a curve? You slam into the barrier wall if there is one of those in your path, or worse, you get stuck in quicksand and can't move anywhere.

    Its like they are trying their hardest to make an annoying video game. It used to aggravate me to hear how everyone said that every Gran Turismo game was the best racing game ever made. Why did it aggravate me? Because they were NOT good at all. I would take the exact same NASCAR game that they put out every year over a Gran Turismo game ANY DAY.

    Yeah, I don't like GT:HD and I don't care who knows it :D Don't waste your time downloading it when you get your system. It's just not enjoyable.

    Got it?

  • MCWHAMMER said:

    I realized that you cannot go through a curve at a speed higher than 1 mph. :eek:

    Did you try going into options and turning off the auto slowdown for corners and traction control.
    Personally I thought this is a great game and can't wait for the full version.
  • i agree it looks pretty fun and totally is worth it. I think that it would be really cool if you could connect the Logitech G25 racing wheel to it somehow like wirelessly, but they're probably going to end up making a special wheel for it.
  • The fact of the matter is........ You either know how to drive playing GT or you dont... If you dont wanna spend the time to learn then you will always think this game sucks.....

    GT is just like any other game, It requires patience and mastery...

    Just like any other game.

    If you are willing to spend hours and hours of game play time learning to sharp shoot while playing first person shooter games...... Whats the difference????

    Dont knock the game just because you can beat the game the first time you play it.

    It takes practice.