Exec Members Update 4


    This weekend sees the launch of a whole new website on the Absolute network: ABSOLUTE PLAYSTATION 3

    As an executive member we would like to show you the front page of the site before everyone else. It doesn't have links to the articles, but it gives you an idea of what to expect when the website goes live.

    Take a look at: http://ps3.absolute-playstation.com

    We will email you the site goes live on Saturday 13th May 2006.


    Tell your friends that this weekend will be the very first free weekend at www.absolute-community.com !

    Guests will be able to post messages in the community area and play all of our ARCADE GAMES without being a member all weekend. This way they get to see everything that the community has to offer.

    We will have a 24 hour LIVE-HELP service running too, so if you are having any problems with the community area, or want any console related questions answered, head over to the LIVE-SUPPORT area.


    We are opening a new area for all members who are part of a game clan that plays tournament games on the PS2, XBOX or XBOX360.

    All we ask is that you re-brand your clan in a way that supports the website and we will give you in return:

    - A free private area for your team to stay in contact with each other
    - A Public Blog area that will allow you to keep our readers informed of your progress
    - In time we will provide you with a team website


    We have opened a public access comments area within Absolute Community that will allow all readers to post comments on various games without having to sign up as a member. The idea is to ease people into the community area, by giving them a place to sound-off about new games. All new messages need to be cleared by a moderator before they will be seen.

    As you can see, the Absolute Community just keeps getting bigger and better, thank you for your support and loyalty.

  • I must say Jim that the new main site looks (pardon the pun) absolutely fabulous. Are you sure that we don't owe you any money? I mean this will remain a free site, correct?

    Thanks again Jim. :notworthy:

  • Thanks for the kind words Rex. With regards to "owing money", the whole idea behind bringing the site back was because it seems like every other large gaming site wants to get hold of your money !

    by gamers - for gamers - for free

    ...thats our motto !

  • I think the front page looks cool! I do hope the new site does well. I am looking forward to it this weekend.