Scariest Thing
  • As the title says whats the scariest thing you have ever done?

    Apart from extreme sports (rock climbing etc) think the scariest thing i have ever done has gotta be a pregnancy test :o OH MY GOD!! knowing that your whole life rests on the outcome of 2 blue lines - my god i shook as i waited for the result - Burst into tears when it was negative too - dont know why coz thats the outcome i wanted at the time lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Booking wedding things are scary too - the first time i tried a wedding dress on i was terrified!
  • Opening an ice cold can of Guinness & pouring it in a non-guinness glass in front of Janeybobs!

    I go for what Jane said in her post. I had butterflies kickboxing in my stomach when she pop a test kit in the shopping trolly at ASDA & was white as a ghost till the test was done. I was 50/50 when it happened. Happy that it was negative but really sad as we could had have a 'ikkle Tiffy or Janeybobs running around using a game controller as a teething ring!

    Second most scariest is meeting Jane's Mum & Dad

    Third most was meeting the rest of her family at her cousins christening - family fight on the car park in a designer dress rings a bell Jane! :boxing:
  • reading this post

    Hard one... there are a few that come to mind;

    Moshing at the korn/hatebreed/disturbed concert this year... pretty low on the scale but hey, it was a crazy and dangerous crowd.

    Galloping for the first time on a horse, through mud, with thick bushes about a metre to each side, pretty freaky.

    Disassembling the glass truck at work for the first time... the truck from its wheel base to the bottom of the tray is about 2 metres, the crate is around 10 and 1/2 metres up. It was my job to climb up through the framework and unpin the 3 girders on each side so they could crane the massive sheets of glass out. Yes there are big gaps, an yes I had to walk along the top edges of a heap of sheets of glass that were side by side. Also prone to shattering at anytime. Oh, and I had no safety harness or anything :) very scary the first time.

    I guess I havent done much else that really freaked me out.
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    Third most was meeting the rest of her family at her cousins christening - family fight on the car park in a designer dress rings a bell Jane! :boxing:

    Thats kept you in your place tho hasn't it!!!!!!!!
  • Uhh..hmm..scariest thing I've ever done? I can't really think of anything right off the bat. OH WAIT!!

    1) A few years ago Daggers Lover and I went to Disneyland so that I could get my Annual Passport and and as it turns out, after I got it DL said he wouldn't take me home unless I rode one of two rides. He tried to coax me into riding two of them both..but I wouldn't do it. I had to choose between the Hollywood Tower of Terror (based off of the Twilight Zone; it's a freefall of about 13 stories) or a rollercoaster which really isn't too big of a coaster in comparison to those on Coaster Solace top elite few, but it was scary to me...California Screamin'.

    And me being the acrophobic (fearful of heights) I chose...

    I was screaming at DL afterwards saying I didn't wanna ride it again. Scared the jellybeans outta me. DL did buy me something in exchange for my bravery. :laugh:

    2) I took on a German Shephard a couple days ago. It was following me as if it was gonna bite one of my doggies in half and I stepped a little too close for boundries. Ripped that dog a new one though. No one's taking MY DOG!!

    3) A few days ago friend of mine was High Beamed by someone driving to the convenience store and so she high beamed him back and screamed out the window. Probably the stupidest thing to do since that car followed us for a few blocks. We lost him when she drove up into the heights..but that was scary..

    4) One day for April Fool's I told my mom that I was pregnant. Not a good idea. I was scared once she replied to my april fools joke. I told her it was april fools and she chased me around the house for awhile saying how dare i put her through that.

    Hmm that's pretty much all I can think of right now. :huh:

    oddish, pregnancy tests are scary. They scare me just thinking about them...and I'm not even gonna be using one any time soon.
  • :o *pant, pant, pant*
    Manneman here, making a 5 minute pitstop.

    I don't scare easy. I don't know if has anything to do with poor reflex or what. Dogs have jumped at me from around a corner and sucj without me even flinching. Alos I tend to not get over excited about things that can be handled by reasoning. Such as pants catching on fire. I such cases I make an observation that my pamts have caught fire, which explains the burning sensation on my leg. Then I either remove my pants, roll around on the ground or find some nearby water supply to drench the pants in. There's no need to start screaming and waving your arms or such.

    I have, however, had 2 major scares.

    The first when I ran over a 7 year old kid with my car. That sort of gave me the shakes. (I was driving in walking speed outside a building, sun in my eyes and the kid came around the corner. Nothing more than a wound on his knee, but the initial "THUMP" and the visual effect of a child flying by made me sort of worried)

    When I was 18, me and amy younger stepbrother (and of course a wide variety of chicks) lived in a house of our own. Very creeky and all that. One night I dreamt that a small, skeleton-ghost:ish child came up the stairs. This was just a dream so it didn't bother me that much. The next night however, and my girlfriend can validate this, we woke up in the pitch dark room in the middle of the night by a green flash flying across the roof going "whooooeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiii" (shrieking) and when it hit the window the blinder (the kind you roll up and down) rolled up and droppped from the wall.
    Being a gentleman, I explained that it was just a spring in the blinder that had come off and that it happened all the time. I reinstalled the blinder and spend the rest of the night lying in bed, eyes wide open and sweatting.

    allright, my time is out, must rush, see you soon, bye
  • Sounds like you were attacked by the blobby green thing from Ghostbusters manne.
  • Slimer :D Yea might just have been, no it was more of a thin shoe lase sized dark green flash. Still havn't figured out what da heck happened that night.
  • QUOTE(manneman @ May 12 2006, 04:19 AM) [snapback]62916[/snapback]

    Dogs have jumped at me from around a corner and sucj without me even flinching.

    I wish I was more like that. I jump like a scared cat.

    I've had some real scary things happen to me. I won't mention here what I have mentioned in the past (those of you with memories longer than 3 years might recall what I'm talking about) Some memories that I haven't completely repressed, not in any particular order, are...

    Being run over by a pickup truck while riding my bicycle

    Being hit by a car while jogging

    Rushing my parent's little dog to the vet (he died)

    Being threatened with academic ineligibility by the NCAA (I was)

    Being threatened with a prison sentence by a judge (I wasn't)

    Crossing-up my catcher and hitting an umpire in the throat with a 90+ fastball (I thought I killed him)

    There are more, but this isn't the place for that kind of stuff :)

  • A scary thing was when the main boss was off we found out that one of the other girls had mixed up two ladies weekly medication trays! That was terrifying and it wasnt even my fault! Having to ring the GP to explain and then having to go and see this GORGEOUS little old lady to apologise! She was sooooo sweet!!

    Then went to the other ladies house (who hadn't got the wrong stuff but still had to go and check) and she had all these ornamenta rifles and swords all over her sitting room wall!! I cr@pped myself!!!!! Was begging in my head her tray was ok otherwise she was gonna chop my head off or something!
  • Oh, that reminds me Oddish..
    I've have worked quite alot in taking care of old demeted people (that's why I get along so well with all of you here ;P ) One time this naked old woman (think she was 101 years old) and I were wrestling or what ever you would call it :laugh: Oh, the graphics! (She resisted me cleaning her hands). Anyhows, all of a sudden she gets a rather massive TIA-attack (that's like a heart attack, but in the brian) and starts shaking, face completely blank. I seriously thought I'd killed her and had to sit down for a while after that. She pulled through and were back to her noraml self in a couple of days.
  • Being an adrenaline junkie I tend to turn fear into an enjoyable rush so I can say I've done quite a few very enjoyabley scary things.


    A 70 second freefall from a plane at 14000 feet.

    Lead climb multi pitch mountains, the highest being 450 meters.

    Abseil (rapel) supervisor / mountain rescue training.

    Took a Honda 1100 CBR XX to 300km/h (187.5 miles/h) on the freeway.

    King Swing (Gorge swing). Has a 150 meter freefall before you swing into the mountain gorge.

    Drank copious amounts of Tequila....... have to leave the scary doings from that for an adult only forum....